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Sunday 29th September 2019

Kegworth Village Hall. Nottingham Road, Kegworth, DE74 2FH

Doors open at 10.30 - tea and coffee will be available

Meeting to begin at 11.00


1.       Welcome

2.       Apologies for Absence

3.       Notification of items for Any Other Business

4.       Minutes of the AGM held on Sunday 30th September 2018 - to be circulated

5.       Matters arising

6.       Chair’s Report

7.       Treasurer’s Report

a.       Report

b.       Proposal to accept the annual accounts - to be available at the meeting

c.       New facilities for reporting and updating subscription and membership information - to be available from HQ   shortly and circulated if it arrives in time

8.        Region Day Report

9.        Kickstart Report

10.    Summer School Report

11.    Election of Officers and Committee Members - nominations/volunteers for committee members are especially             welcome

    12.  Confirmation of Region Assets

 13.  The future of our AGM.

For information, HQ has notified all regions that there is no requirement  on them to hold an AGM. We need to decide whether or not to continue with such a meeting, and if so when it should be held and what its format should be.

14. Any Other Business as notified at the beginning of the meeting

   IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND THE MEETING BUT HAVE A CONTRIBUTION TO MAKE, FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME ON  chair@emreg.org.uk                                                                 Ann Pocklington



Please bring a packed lunch - tea and coffee will be available

After lunch we will split into two groups to discuss and share best practice on two issues -

          Managing our Accounts - how are Branches dealing with their banking requirements and keeping charges to the                                             minimum

          Copywrite - how do we stay on the right side of the law

Where papers referred to above are available for the meeting, they will, if appropriate, be posted here.