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It is possible to join the Embroiderers' Guild without belonging to a Branch.  You would then be able to participate in some Branch, Regional and National activities.

As a Member of the Guild you receive:

  • Contact, the Guild's Newsletter.
  • Support for complete beginners to professionals.
  • An exciting new programme of their own courses.
  • The opportunity to enter the Annual Members' Challenge, with the winners displayed at national events.
  • The camaraderie of being part of a 7,500 strong membership organisation.
  • Exclusive access to areas of the Guild website.
  • Voting rights at the AGM and the opportunity to change the way forward.
  • Voting rights at the National, Regional and Branch AGMs.
To join the Guild online: www.embroiderersguild.com/membership

Branch membership: subscriptions vary. They are in addition to the national subscription, and are paid direct to the Branch.

Visitors may make three visits to a Branch meetings before being asked to join as a full member of the Guild.

Subscription charges

Young Embroiderer 5-17 £10.00

Additional family members £ 8.00

Member 18-24 £13.00 

Member 25 and over £35.00

Member and Friend of Embroidery 18+ £50.00 minimum 

Overseas Member mailing charge (per Member) £ 9.50

Overseas Young Embroiderers mailing charge (per Member) £ 6.00

As a Member of the Embroiderers' Guild and/or a Branch Member, you may join in the activities the East Midlands Region provides: