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Embroiderers Guild Exhibition – Page 17

posted 9 Oct 2017, 01:27 by Deborah Phillpott
So what books do you have on your bookshelf? Do you like fiction or fact?  Do you warm to a frothy Barbara Cartland romance; grip the edge of your seat with a gritty John Grisham thriller, or lose yourself in a Philippa Gregory history?  Whatever you read, the words will form pictures in your head.  Now The Embroiderers' Guild is proud to introduce "Page 17" – a specially created exhibition of textile artistry where each piece takes a book as its inspiration.  Seen for the first time at Knit & Stitch London, EG has bought together a unique group of artists who bring words to life.  This is a one off and exciting display of work, with pieces from well-known textile artists, new names and many members from around the country.  By using techniques as diverse as machine and hand stitching, mixed media and felting (to name a few), you will see mischievous monkeys and strutting chickens, mathematical Pi and electrical circuits, Greek tragedy, fairytales and Haiku poetry.  Using colour and form, design and texture, members have created works which span the contemporary, the literal and the symbolic.  Your imagination will be intrigued as it follows the thread across the surface, and marvels at how the combination of cloth and thread is both a medium and metaphor, bringing to life images hidden amongst words.  Visit the Embroiderers Guild stand and see if your favourite book is on display.
Knit & Stitch Alexandra Palace, London 11-15 October 2017
Knit & Stitch Harrogate 23-26 November 2017​​


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