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"Kickstart" 2020/21 - Re-Launch

posted 25 Aug 2020, 04:58 by IT Admin   [ updated 28 Jan 2021, 07:59 ]

From the Kickstart Education Scheme an exciting new opportunity

‘The Self-led Development Route’

Participants lead themselves through a learning process to further their knowledge and/or skill in either the design factor or technical ability to produce an item of work for exhibiting.

Using the booklet as a start point you can use this opportunity to enjoy learning a new skill, technique or design factor. Aiming to research and explore a new medium whilst relating that learning to the theme of ‘Literature: Authors and Poets of the Region’. This is open to all members of the Guild (branch or individual) who live within the region and to tutors and guests taking part.

For further details on how to obtain a copy of the Booklet or Register your interest click here