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posted 23 Mar 2020, 04:42 by IT Admin


I can assure you that when we booked Michael Brennand-Wood early last year to give us his talk on this subject and we set the Regional Day Competition with the same title, no one knew or had any idea just how relevant this would be.

In the circumstances and following advice we are having to cancel Regional Day this year,   BUT  -  we don’t need to cancel the Competition.   

We can do it all on-line!!

So, whilst many of us are isolated in our homes perhaps wondering what to do with all this extra time on our hands  -  get your thought caps on and fingers stitching and create a piece of work based around this title.

Michael sent us his thoughts as to how we could interpret this :  

but why don’t we expand this and suggest you might like to put your thoughts, feelings and even frustrations into a piece of work??

So  -  don’t let this glitch stop you stitching - let it inspire you to produce a piece of work to reflect what is happening this year.

This can then be photographed and we can create a Folder on our website -  -  where we can all see what we are creating. 

Instructions - 

Take several photos of your piece of work - try different angles, artificial and natural lighting, close ups etc.

You can use a camera or a mobile phone camera.

Select the best one and make sure that the photo is a big enough file size, so we can see the details.          

We suggest at least 1MB

Send an email to - -  including your name and branch and attach the photograph.

You will receive an email confirming receipt and letting you know that the quality of photo is OK.

After the deadline - 17th May, 2020 - all photos will be added to a Google Photo Album which you will be able access from our website.

They will be numbered only - no names.

Links to this and a voting form will be sent to all branches after the deadline, which can in turn be forwarded to all members of each branch.

This will be the same as ‘Members Choice’ as at Regional Day.

There will be a Prize - not quite sure what yet - but we will make it worthwhile and delivered as and when possible.

So, please keep stitching and show us how you can interpret this subject matter in these unusual time.

Pam Keeling

Regional Day Committee.