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Telling our Story ~ a request for advice and/or memories

posted 18 Mar 2019, 13:11 by Erica Thomson   [ updated 18 Mar 2019, 13:11 by Ann Pocklington ]
The Lincolnshire branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild is in its seventh decade with a healthily sized membership. As the years fly by we have accumulated a considerable photographic record of special events, meetings and workshops. We have several large binders of minutes and business papers and a rich seam of personal anecdotes and stories of individuals who have contributed to the founding and development of the Branch.

We want to try to record the story of the branch using all the different elements available to us: branch business papers and past programmes, photographs and special events, reminiscences of members. Has your branch tackled this challenge? Do you have experience of what works and what to avoid? 

Can you share with us your experience, advice, and more specifically memories of Lincolnshire Branch and our late chair of many years, Mildred Higgins.

Please contact Brenda Scarman ( or Carolyn Merry (