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In September 2018 the Ashbourne Branch celebrated its 20th Anniversary at the AGM

Members were asked to bring along work they had done soon after they joined the Guild.

A second challenge was to bring more recent work using   re-cycled materials

Looking forward to seeing earlier work from members and recent recycling projects

...and more

Work brought by members

Members showed their wide variety of work and talked about it.

A great variety of work by members



early workshop stitching on metal

"0th Anniversary of the Ashbourne Branch of the Embroiderers' Guild
Kate had put together a display of work she had kept for exhibitions over the years.

Kate made a display of some of our earlier work

...and not forgetting the cakes!

The committee provided delicious cakes

A garment made by Jacqui from her eco-dyed fabrics

A garment made by Jacqui from her eco-dyed fabric


A recycled piece of work

...and more

Gentle work using recycled materials
Gentlework from recycled fabrics

Using plastic bags
Fabric from plastic bags