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We held a day workshop on eco-dyeing at Wyaston in July.  The workshop was run by Pam Keeling and was enjoyed very much by the partipants.  I went as IT Rep to take photographs and was intrigued by the process.  I couldn’t take photos of everything so would be pleased to receive more pictures of the dyed fabrics and any later embellishments.

                           The Eco-Dyers


Preparing the fabric

                Plant material


A demonstration below by Pam of adding plants, rolling and preparing for 
dyeing and steaming

Pam shows how to prepare a piece of fabric

and start to roll it up
How to roll the fabric

More hands come in useful
Helping hands

and even more.
...and more

Almost ready
Many hands ...

How exciting!

Going in
Going in or coming out?

Another steamer full of fabric ready to be 'cooked'
Lesley's double decker steamer loaded

Hot rolls of dyed fabric removed from the steamer
Wet colourful rolls straight from the 
bullet steamer

Trying to identify work from the steamer
Who owns which roll?

Ooh, those colours dyed well
Lovely colour from Kate's flowers

Opening up the dyed fabric ...and another piece to dye?

Interesting colours and marks

a pleasing piece of fabric which may be embellished

Unwrapping a roll 1

Unrolling the fabric -
caught on camera
Unrolling the fabric 2

Unrolled fabric before the plants are removed 3

A bit of the dyed fabric

A lovely piece of fabric - looking forward to seeing what Maxine does with it

I look forward to seeing what Maxine will do
with her lovely piece of fabric

ECO-DYEING PAPER - folded books

Are we all concentratin?

Pam demonstrates folding and cutting

She will definitely work it out
Working it out 

Definitely secured!

Well wrapped

Plant material is placed inside the pages, put into a dyebath and steamed

Delicate pages

Inside another page

A different shape with plants well secured and there will be a piece of dyed muslin to use
A different shape 

Removing the wet foliage

One of Pam's lovely books which she brought to inspire us

Jacqui has made a garment from her eco-dyed fabric 

Everything ready, even the coffee

Dyes and potions prepared by Pam and ready for us

Bright colours arranged on the fabric
Kate's colourful collection for dyeing

A different arrangement
Another arrangement for the dye bath

A roll ready for the dye bath and steamer
Rolled and ready to go

Pam's steamer loaded with colourful parcels
Pam's 3 tier steamer - loaded

The bullet steamer which proved very useful
A bullet steamer ready for off

You too can have hands like these .... unless you wear gloves!
You too can have hands like this ... if you forget
to put on gloves!

A steamed-up steamer!
The steamer steaming

Discarded steamed foliagee
Soggy steamed plants being removed

ready to reveal the alchemy  ....
All will be revealed

Some of the fabrics as they emerged from
the steamer and the plant material
was removed

Interesting - and a moving hand

Intense colours ready for rinsing off

A proud dyer with her completed length of fabric.  I wonder what she will do with it?

More results

Pam unveilng her piece

Another interesting result

Oh, a colour that was rinsed off has returned!  Always lots of surprises with Eco-Dyeing

Careful cutting

Trying out the folding
Was it this way?

Into the dye - tea, vinegar, iron or one of the other concoctions
and put in the dye

Out of the steamer
Out of the steamer

Dyeing revealed

Delicate colours and pattern

The muslin wrapping was 
dyed as well as the book

One of Pam's books showing 
different ways of binding

Inside another

< Another of Pam's bindings