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MORE Mini-Workshops and Talks by members


Jan ran a mini workshop based on Boro techniques
Jan is ready to start the Boro mini workshop
Boro workshop 2019

ASHBOURNE .. BORO  examples

An example of Boro work

Real life Boro - Jacqui's jeans

ASHBOURNE BORO Arranging the fabrics

Lots of decisions to be made


Lois ran a mini workshop teaching us how to do Bayeux stitch

Lois ran a mini workshop to teach us how to do Bayeux Stitch

A beautiful book to inspire and examples of stitches

More inspirations

A sample before starting the main work

A different colourway

A completed box lid

bright and different colours


Lesley led a mini-workshop on Gentlework

Some of Lesley's work as an example of gentlework

Serious contemplation

Beginning a besign - An umbellifer

Working on an idea

What a selection of fabrics, and yes, weeds are flowers

Coming along nicely

working on a design

Joy and peace

Building up the elements

The finished piece

... and more

... and another piece

... and another


Everything ready 
at the lantern making workshop at Christmas

Jacqui Gave us a talk called 



We hold several mini workshops throughout the year,
  They are always very popular. 
many of them run by our own members. 


Members of the branch hard at work
Getting ready to work

Some of Helen's examples for inspiration
Some examples of colourful 'blackwork'

Useful instructions
Useful instructions to help

Hard at work at the Blackwork mini workshop
Hard at work

Starting a blackwork lighthouse
A lighthouse with interesting stitches
to try
Album under construction 
Making choices

.. more choices

.. and other business

More examples

All about Boro

Album under construction
- information to be added

Inspirations and work in progress

Preparations ...

Take a piece of fabric

Hard at work

Getting down to it

..and different again

Lovely bright colours

All the blues

Album under construction
Information to be added

Members choosing from so many things

More of Lesley's finished work

...and more of Lesley's work.

Lovely snowdrops - the theme was flowers

Work in progress

Development of an idea

An ambitious piece of work

Singing bird

working on a design

Nearly finished

A finished piece of work

A delicate  finished piece of work

More finished work

Another different design

Still work in progress but almost there

Another finished work

Oops! Where did all the food go!





Helen organised a Blackwork mini-workshop

... and more
Starting to stitch

Other ideas
Examples and specs at the ready

A different design
A good start

..and more
More examples to try

Baa baa blacksheep blackwork

Other design ideas