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Programme and Workshops 2019 -2020

Page under construction - provisional programme

Images to be added as available

16th September 2019


Group Project

21st  October 2019

Fran Buxton 

Talk: Perfection in Imperfection

18th November 2019

Talk by Helen Kinsella 

Fine Cell Work 

                    16th December 2019

Christmas Party and activity


20th January 2020

Bayeux Tapestry 

A Talk by Lois Wilkes


                     17th February 2020


Pam Keeling

Talk and mini Workshop


Day workshop: June

Saturday: Date to be announced

Janet Humprey

The Street: Mixed Media Applique

Text Box: For further information see the website OR contact:  01335 343443  or 01889 590379  What’s held there


16th March 2020

Janet Gilbert

Talk: Exploring New Territories



 20th April 2020

Beryl Slade

Talk: Thinking of the Sea

Photograph to stitch and much more

18th May 2020

   Get knotted

Workshop: Exploring Knotted Stitches

15th June 2020

Helen Johnson

Talk: Historic Dress and Textiles

20th July 2020

Kathryn Ashcroft

Talk: The Mouse in the House