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Programme and Workshops 2020-2021


Meetings between September and December 2020 and January to June 2021will be on-line as Zoom meetings.  

The speaker arranged for July 2021 is Zoom or 'live' but the situation will be reviewed in line with government guidelines.

21st September 2020

Zara Day

It's never too late to be who you want to be.

Zoom Meeting

19th  October 2020

Pam Keeling

Talk and activity : Colour

Zoom Meeting

16th November 2020

Ann Pocklington 

Japanese Braiding



Zoom Meeting

                    21st December 2020

Elizabeth Almond

Blackwork with Islamic Inspiration

Illustrated Talk

        Zoom Meeting


18th January 2021

Rummaging in a Queen's Wardrobe

An Illustrated Talk by Lois Wilkes

                              Zoom Meeting

                         15th February 2021

                            Group 'Show and Tell'

Members will show work to the group: 

It may be: 

Work they have been doing during the last year or longer:

Work by someone else, e.g. family members, a family heirloom, a piece admired and bought or have been influence by ........

Please send image/s of work you would like to show to Ann who will present them as a Powerpoint presentation for you to talk about.

Zoom meeting

Text Box: For further information see the website OR contact:  01335 343443  or 01889 590379  What’s held there


Future meetings until July will be ZOOM meetings 

        The situation will be reviewed in line with                                 government guidelines

15th March 2021

Nikki Parmenter

An illustrated Zoom talk

 19th April 2021

Mary Hart
Textiles in Vietnam and Cambodia
Illustrated Talk 
Live or Zoom 

17th May 2021

Exploring New Territories
Illustrated talk

Live or Zoom

21st June 2021

Marion Plumb

Opening the Kimono

Illustrated talk

Live or Zoom

19th July 2021

Kathryn Ashcroft

The Creative Process

Illustrated talk

Live or Zoom

*** WORKSHOP ***

If circumstances allow

we will arrange a workshop

in the summer.

Programme and Workshops 2021-2022

September 20th 2021

Postponed from March

Judith Rowley

Talk: A Journey Through Time

Zoom or live meeting to be confirmed.