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We are a well established Branch BUT we have embroiderers working at all different levels so please don't feel intimidated!  We welcome all.  We are always looking for new members so please come along and see who we are and what we do - we would make you most welcome. Please see contact numbers below.

We meet in The Len Medlock Centre, St George's Road, Boston PE21 8YB on the 4th Friday of each month at 9.30 a.m. until 1.00p.m. 
In spring and autumn we hold 2 day workshops at the Ruby Hunt Centre in Donington.

Next meeting
Our next monthly meeting will be on Friday 24th Novemberwhen we will be doing a Corsage workshop led by Heather.  There will be a cost of £4 for the materials which will be vintage kimono pieces.  Bring your usual sewing kit.
Also don’tforget to bring your Travelling Book and be thinking about ideas for the Regional Challenge.
Our December meeting will be the Christmas Lunch on Saturday 9th December at The Ruby Hunt Centre in Donington and will cost £15.

For details of future meetings, workshops and outings please see our programme page.

Other Dates to remember

Saturday 23rd November
Possible trip to The Knit and Stitch Show in Harrogate.
Saturday 9th December
Christmas Lunch at The Ruby Hunt Centre in Donington

Chair - Chriss Smith
Telephone: 01775 840528

Secretary - Janet Corcoran. 
Telephone:  01775 820651  

Treasurer. - Maureen Brown
Telephone: 01775 822058
I.T. Rep -  Barbara Dobson  
Telephone:01529 302647

Committee and Catering - Sandra Saxby
Telephone: 01775820401
and Judy Carrott
Telephone: 01775 840041

Creative Directors - Heather Wright
Telephone: 01775 750677
and Dot Short
Telephone: 01775 820429
and Barbara Dobson

Travelling Books - Sandra Saxby

Raffle - Ruth Hollings
Telephone: 01775 750225

Membership numbers: 34

Donington Flower Festival organisers asked if we would like to have a corner in the church to display some embroideries.  Since it was festival number 50 we thought that it would be appropriate to display some gold work pieces.

Gold work at Donington Flower Festival

Here are two of the pieces ready for the Capability Brown Exhibition.


Saturday 13th June

Regional Day at Donington with Boston Guild

Heather with Instruction Cards and a selection of items made from vintage kimono silks.

Concentration at the machine and among the Kantha group.

June 2014
This month we had a visit from Kathleen Laurel Sage who gave a very interesting and enthusiastic talk about the development of her work.  She brought many beautiful pieces to show us and we wait now with anticipation for her visit to us next year when she will show us some new techniques. 

March 2014
Unfortunately Jenny was ill and unable to visit us and demonstrate spinning.  Hopefully we will be able to arrange another visit. Luckily everyone had brought a "work in progress" to stitch into.  It was particularly good to see the pieces that had been started in the Golden Hinde workshop.   

March 2 Day Workshop was a great success and enjoyed by all who attended.  Sue and Sarah are enthusiastic teachers and we are all keen to complete our projects.  The mobile shop did a very good trade as we stocked up on our beads and shiny threads!  

February 2014
It was good to see so many members attending. We welcomed another visitor who we hope will be joining us for future meetings. We were able to arrange taking the Altar Frontals to the church in Freiston for the Blessing by the Arch Deacon on Sunday 9th March.  Janet gave out more information about the Regional Day and it seems that we have one or two members well on the way with an entry for the Beribboned, Bejewelled and Beruffed Challenge.

January 2014
Our first meeting of the new year was very well attended and we were pleased to welcome another new member.  We caught up with each others news as we stitched and were able to see the progress of the Altar Frontals.

September 2013
On Monday evening we held our AGM and we confirmed the decision that we had made after many discussions to change our meetings from Monday evening to a Friday morning.  Initially these meetings will be a relaxed "Stitch and Chat" session with the occasional workshop led by a tutor or a member of the group.  We are also hoping to use it as an opportunity for members to work on group projects or to work on ideas for the members competition.  
After the business of the evening was concluded we had an interesting talk by our visitor, Mr. Terry Murphy, who brought us up to date with Guild business.

May 2012
Our Spring Exhibition at Gosberton Church Hall was a great success and very well attended by local people and visitors from across the country.  Details of our next exhibition will be posted as soon as we can confirm them.

Boston Branch of the Embroiderers Guild Image
A photograph of the Exhibition at Gosberton Church 
October 2012
Our visit from Mary Sleigh to talk about "The Jewels of India" was very successful.  As we assembled, Mary was setting out a selection of very interesting looking pieces of fabric and these were soon given a context in Mary's slide presentation and talk.  Mary's interest in Indian textiles began early on and her time in India was spent searching for textiles that represent the many different cultures and styles that make up that continent.  It was fascinating to  return to the textiles having seen a photograph of the young women sitting on the floor  sewing the exquisite white work sari and to see woollen fabrics produced in the more remote regions. We began to understand the skills that are required to dye and weave some of the beautiful fabrics that are produced in that country.
February 2013
Towards the end of February our Chairman was approached by the Vicar of Freiston Church to see if the Branch would be interested in making some new altar clothes in celebration of a significant anniversary which they will be celebrating next year.  We have a number of eager volunteers who will be brainstorming ideas ready for our next meeting with vicar after which we will be framing up our fabrics ready to make a start!
March 2013
This month Pat Trott visited us to lead a very enjoyable two day workshop on Drawn Thread and Pulled Thread embroidery.  She brought some beautiful examples that she had worked and some that had been worked by her mother.
April 2013
Earlier this month we had our trip to Threads and Patches near Milton Keynes.  On arrival we were greeted with coffee and cakes, after which there were several interesting demonstrations.  Following a very pleasant lunch we were able either make up a free sample mini kit of one of the earlier demonstrations or browse through the many,many fabrics, the wonderful wools and all the books.  I think we all came away with a bag full of goodies. A thoroughly recommended outing.


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