Programme and Workshops 2012-13


24th September             AGM

22nd October               Mary Sleigh - A Talk  - Jewels of India

3rd/4th November        Donington Two day Course    
                                    Faye Maxwell

                                    Knots and Crosses

26th November            Denise Priestley -
                                    Mini Workshop with a Christmas Theme

Ist December               Brothertoft - Christmas Lunch


26th January                Camelot Crafts -
                                   Your chance to buy from a supplier

25th February              Members Evening -
                                   Stitch and Chat 


16th/17th March            Donington Two -Day Workshop
 (Saturday, Sunday)        Pat Trott
                                      Drawn Thread Work, Pulled Work

25th March                    Christine Plummer 
                                      Book and Book Cover Mini- Workshop

18th April                       Trip to Threads and Patches
(Thursday)                      Fenny Stratford, Bletchley

22nd April                      Nicky Dillerstone
                                      Decorative Box Mini - Workshop

20th May                       Members Evening
                                      Stitch and Chat

24th June                       Just One Stitch
                                     A Mini - Workshop

13th July                       Donington Summer Lunch
                          Stitch and Chat.After Lunch
                          a talk by Jenni Dobson - Kimonos