Programme and Workshops 2015-16

Friday 25th September. Annual General Meeting

Saturday 17th, Sunday 18th October.  Machine Embroidered Organza and Soldering Iron Weekend.

Friday 23rd October.  Preparations for Christmas Market or own ongoing projects.

Friday 27th November.  Heather to talk about her recent visit to Japan.  Bring pieces for the Christmas market.

Saturday 5th December.  Christmas Lunch at The Ruby Hunt Centre in Donington

Friday 26th February.  A talk byAlison Larkin on Captain Cook's waistcoat.

Saturday 5th, Sunday 6th March.  Travels in Textiles with Anne Kelly.

Friday 18th March.   Own projects

Friday 22nd April.  Own projects.

Friday 27th May.  Own projects.

Friday 24th June.  Own projects.

Saturday 2nd July.  Summer Lunch at The Ruby Hunt Centre in Donington.