Programme and Workshops 2016-17

September 23rd 2016.         AGM

October 1st, & 2nd 2016.     Two day workshop with Nicola Hulme.  Working with Tyvek

October27th 2016.               Trip to Threads and Patches.  Note change of day, no Friday meeting.

November 25th 2016.           Christmas Box with Chriss.

December 3rd 2016.             Christmas Lunch and Christmas Box at The Ruby Hunt Centre, Donington

January 27th 2017.               Lincolnshire Show - Seed Packets

February 24th 2017.             Lincolnshire Show - Seed Packets and pieces for the sales table

March 4th & 5th 2017.          Two day workshop with Pat Trott.  Casalguidi

March 24th 2017.                 Talk from Nicola Metcalfe on Folk Costume. (Bring in CB pieces for Donington Show)

April 8th 2017.                      40th Birthday Party

April 20th 2017.                    Set up CB pieces in Donington Church

April 28th 2017.                   Introduction to Travelling Books.  

May 26th 2017.                    Travelling Books

June 23rd 2017.                   Talk from Jenny Swindells of The British Button Society

July 1st 2017.                      Summer Lunch at The Ruby Hunt Centre, Donington.