Programme and Workshops 2018-19

Programme: 2018-19

1 November

Frances Daunt - Felt with the heart.

Frances is an animal artist from Lea who specialises in felted art work. She views her felted pieces as wool ‘paintings’ and loves to introduce people to the idea of art being created in a none traditional medium. She has recently won the Keith Shackleton Award (judged to have captured the essential essence of the subject) for her Kingfisher picture ‘Dinner Time’.


6 December        

Kathryn Ashcroft - Jarvis the Mouse.

Kathryn creates mixed media story-telling sculptures from up cycled and vintage treasures. Kathryn trained as a Theatre Designer, and worked for several years in the Art education sector.  She always had a fascination with stories and histories, and collects profusely. She works with fragments of fabric, paper, wood and metal, with which she aims to fire up the imagination and encourage audiences to engage playfully with her work.

4 January   

Member led evening - ‘Whose garden was this?’

(This is the title of a song written by Tom Paxton). This is an introductory evening introducing the theme and programme of events that will lead to an exhibition of work in spring 2020.

Come ready to be introduced to new aspects of textiles and also be inspired to create work of your own.

7 February

Momoka Gomi - The beauty of hand weaving.

I met Momoka, a recent graduate from Nottingham who studied weaving, when I went to craft fair at Saltaire. She was showing her weaving together with work she commissions from a village in China where they dye their own thread with plants they grow themselves and then weave to her design.


7 March         

Janet Gilbert  - Line of Enquiry.

Janet is interested in how basic shapes and marks placed in a row or a grid create pattern.  She uses a single motif, over and over again.  Current work is based on the use of lines, the negative spaces between the lines, and the rhythm created by repetition. At present she is working with dust sheet material, new, not used.  The fabric is amazing, very flat and crisp at first but with washing becomes soft and crepe like.  She likes the feel of the cloth and its texture; there is a depth to it.  She also likes that it is a mundane, workaday cloth. With hand stitching the repetition builds its own rhythm.


4 April

Member led evening - All Creatures Great and Small.

Hopefully we will be creating a design related to gardens to send off to a professional laser cutter. Please bring pencil, paper and any flora and fauna designs you have. Further details to come.

2 May

Anne Alldread - Felt Magic.

Anne uses traditional felt making techniques to design and create hand crafted individual textiles these include interior accessories, fashion garments, accessories and 3D art works.

6 June

Sharon Belcher - Find out about Bosaline

Change to the programme for June: Some time ago I booked Sharon Belcher, a rep from Vilene, to come and talk about their products. I did this after wading through all the confusing variety at their stall at the Knitting and Stitching Show. Since then Sharon has changed jobs. She now works for an American firm called ‘Bosaline’. We had the choice of finding someone else from Vilene or having Sharon talking about her new products. I decided it would be interesting to hear about these new products. Bosal do battings, waddings, patchwork and quilting aids. They also do embroidery backers, specialist crafting products for bag making, home décor and storage pots. They are famous for Craft-tex, in R Form a fusible foam interlining. There are also dress making products. Their products are available from Lady Sew and Empress Mills. Sharon is very willing to answer questions so please think about any technical problems you have encountered or a 3D shape you would like to build but are not sure how to go about it.

15 June

Private Garden Visit - Members only.

4 July

Jan Jefferson - Amish Quilts.

Jan, the author of ‘Quilter’s Guide to Amish Quilts’, has a collection of Amish Quilts and will bring many of them to show us as she tells us about their makers and their history.

No Meeting in August

5 September

Tina Francis  - Needlepoint Tapestry.

Tina has made modern tapestry her own. She has designed tapestry needlepoint kits and patterns with a design led edge.

3 October 

Annual General Meeting.

Time to reflect on the past year and share ideas for the future.