Programme & Workshops 2014/2015

This is our programme. We have not yet finalised
  • The subject of the two member led workshops
  • The Exhibition Tables at each meeting - we arrange these nearer the date.
  • Dates for the Stitch Group in 2015
We will update this web page as and when the details are known.

6 November 2014                                                            Silence and Space: A talk by Hilary Bower

Hilary describes her presentation as:                                                  “The talk will cover work made over the last six years or so. I will share the making of my solo exhibition at Bankfield Museum; and ‘Cloth and Memory’ at Salt’s Mill. It will also cover my ongoing investigations and explorations around the themes of silence, waiting, space and shadow.”

Exhibition Table: Books that inspire me.                      Books are a common Christmas present but it is often difficult to see them before buying. Please bring embroidery books and any other book that has inspired you artistically.

20 November 2014              Stitch Group

22 November to 30 November 2014                             Chesterfield Parish Church Festival of Christmas Trees.

We will be decorating a Christmas Tree for this event with stars made by members in red, grey and silver.

See our home page for opening times.

4 December 2014                                                             The Story of The Collection: A talk by Barbara Meeke

The Guild has put together a collection of pictures of objects and their history in their museum quality collection. This covers a very wide spectrum of embroidery and Barbara will help to tell its story.

18 December 2014              Stitch Group

8 January 2015                                                                Versatile Textile Techniques - Exploring Magnification and Chemical Reactions: A talk by Anna Krystyna Casey

Anna Krystyna Casey is a multi media textile artist. This is how she describes her talk:      “Inspired by the intricate details of the world around us, my work is an assortment of unusual pieces exploring magnification. By exploiting chemical reactions, and carefully controlling and manipulating materials, I translate versatile textile techniques and imagery into sculptures and wall art. I have an accompanying range of home ware and jewellery.”

5 February 2015                                                               A History of Buttons: A Talk by Jenny Swindells

We fasten them every day, but how much do you know about their history? Jenny is a member of the British Button Society and has been collecting and researching them for over thirty years.

She asks you to bring your button boxes to the meeting where she will identify and value them.

5 March 2015                                                                  An evening with Ann: A practical workshop with Ann Dilkes

More details nearer the time.

Saturday 8 March 2015                                                   Exploring Mark Making and Drawing - a workshop with Hilary Bower

Hilary was our speaker in November 2014. This is the first of a series of two workshops which will be held at the Harley Gallery, Welbeck, Nottinghamshire. You need to be able to attend both workshops.

2 April 2015                                                                     Myanmar – A Story of Temples, Golden Pagodas and Traditional Village Life: A Talk by Barbara Meeke

Barbara describes her talk as:

“I went on an extraordinary, textile based, journey through Burma. This evening I am going to take you with me.”

Saturday 18 April 2015                                                     Exploring Mark Making and Drawing - The Second Workshop with Hilary Bower

The second workshop with Hilary Bower at the Harley Gallery.

7 May 2015                                                                        Member led practical workshop. Details to be arranged.

Sunday 17 May 2015                                                        Regional Day at Becket School, West Bridgford

The Madeira Lecture for 2015 is “From Bark Cloth to Art Cloth – My Personal Journey” and will be given by Bobby Britnell.

The Regional Day Members' Challenge is:   “Out of Africa.”

4 June 2015                                                                      Creating with Nature: A talk by Linda Rudkin

This talk covers a variety of ways of using flowers, leaves and other natural resources directly in pieces of textile art.

There are design boards, notebooks, finished samples and pieces of work to show what can be achieved using these different techniques.

2 July 2015                                                                        The Art of Embroidery: A talk by Nicola Jarvis

Nicola describes her talk:                                                    I trained on the three-year apprenticeship in traditional hand embroidery at the RSN from 1991 to 1994.  I have enjoyed teaching and working on design commissions since then and was Deputy Course Leader on the RSN Foundation Degree from 2009 to 2011. I was part of the RSN team working on The Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress. I was awarded ‘Overall Winner’ of the William Morris Gallery ‘Inspired by Morris’ art competition in 2010. I will give a slide presentation that tells the story of how I developed the exquisite embroideries for an exhibition based on William and May Morris designs and embroidered textiles.”

Saturday 11 July 2015                                               William Morris Inspired Crewel Birds Workshop

Nicola Jarvis (our July speaker) will be leading this workshop. This will be a practical stitch day with an expert. Nicola recently had a very successful exhibition when she took William Morris designs and those of his wife and friends and produced her own versions.

Saturday 1 August 2015                                                    National Day of Stitch

We hope to spend the day sewing at Bakewell Old House Museum or Chesterfield Market but details are not yet finalised.

3 September 2015                                                             Making with Found, Natural Materials: A talk by Jane Bevan

The talk will explore the types of found, natural materials that can be used to make artworks, including items from woodland and beach areas. These include bark, leaves, feathers, shells, seeds and acorn cups.

There will be original artworks to handle and examples of the techniques  used such as stitching, twining, tying and binding. Images of other artists worldwide who use natural materials will be shown.

1 October 2015                                                                  AGM