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Programme & Workshops 2017/2018

November 2nd 2017

Bright Baubles for the Christmas Tree Jenny ScottC:\Users\Toni\Pictures\ControlCenter4\Scan\baubles.jpg

Jenny will lead the evening. She will show us how to turn a polystyrene ball into a bright and shiny Christmas tree decoration.

All the materials required will be supplied. At the end of the evening the baubles will be kept and used on our Christmas tree in the church.

We will return them in December.

December 7th 2017

The rise of Arkwright’s spinning technology and the impact on family life Chris Lea, Arkwright Society.C:\Users\Toni\Documents\Chesterfield EG\programme 2017-18\2 December 7th 2017\cotton spinning masson mill.jpg

Having visited a mill and looked at spinning and weaving machines, now is the chance to find out the huge impact these great factories had on the women who worked in them and their families. Not only the people who worked in these mills, but the many that sewed for a living as cheap and reliable thread became available. (not allied to the Arkwright Society)

January 4th 2018

Travel Inspired StitchC:\Users\Toni\Documents\Chesterfield EG\programme 2017-18\3 January 4th 2018\Drawing 1.jpg Laura Marriott.

Laura will be talking about how her travels influence her initial inspiration. She then goes on to grow the designs to be completely unique in all stages of the process from drawing to embroidery. She likes to push the technical side of the design to ensure her creations are original and different from anything that is being made by other artists.

February 1st 2018

Crafting the DigitalC:\Users\Toni\Documents\Chesterfield EG\programme 2017-18\4 February 1st 2018\Three bags plus reels.jpg Sally Cooke.

Sally is a maker and designer of printed textiles working with hand based and digital techniques. She takes inspiration from the bold simplicity of Scandinavian and mid-century design to create her own contemporary prints. Sally has a particular interest in themes of order and chaos within the design aesthetic and is a passionate advocate for the handmade and for slow fashion. She has recently introduced her Sallysally range of flat pack cut & sew products as a way to make it easy and fun for more people to learn to sew. She will be talking about her experience of making using hand and digital processes and how this led to the creation of the small business she now runs.     Instagram:@sallysallycouk

March 1st 2018

Expert stitches from the past and the present.C:\Users\Toni\Documents\Chesterfield EG\programme 2017-18\5 March 1st 2018\edges.jpg

We have booked two folios of work from the Embroiderers’ Guild collection.

One is “Historical - British work from the eighteenth century” and the other is  ‘Edges’.

During the evening we will be able to study these two very different folios in detail. You are welcome to take photographs. sketch and make notes help fix an idea for use later.

April 5th 2018

Colour in all its glory.C:\Users\Toni\Pictures\Colour Workshop March 2015\101_2403\IMGP4951.JPG Member led workshop.

A practical workshop evening exploring the colour held in a simple paint box.

Paints, brushes and paper will be supplied.

Please bring newspaper and a small pot for water.

April 14th to June 11th 2018

Over and Over and Over Again Branch Exhibition

Our cushions on display at Regional Day 2017.
This is a big celebration of the work we do. There are two group projects, digitally printed cushions and room boxes. Members will also display their own work based on the big cotton mills of the Derwent Valley.

May 3rd 2018

C:\Users\Toni\Documents\Chesterfield EG\programme 2017-18\7 May 3rd 2018\-Brighter Day 2 helen hallows.jpg

Connecting with nature. Helen Hallows.

Helen will talk about her creative journey and then give us a demonstration of her techniques. This will be followed by a question and answer session. There will be lots to look at and talk about.   

June 7th 2018

C:\Users\Toni\Documents\Chesterfield EG\programme 2017-18\8 June 7th 2018\This is of lock 13 (Farmer’s Bridge Flight) near Snow Hill railway station and bridge..tif

Painting with the needle of a sewing machine. Margaret Fairhead.

Margaret has had a long, varied and successful career in textiles. She will show many pieces of her work which indicate the progress made from very early days in dressmaking, teaching to ‘O’ level, then moving to purely creative pieces.    This will include acknowledgement of the people and organisations that have helped her on her journey.

June 2018 (to be confirmed)

Hilary Hollingworth Day Workshop.

July 5th 2018

C:\Users\Toni\Documents\Chesterfield EG\programme 2017-18\9 July 5th 2018\Reg.Day Garden May 2015 031.jpgOuting - Come into the Garden.C:\Users\Toni\Documents\Chesterfield EG\programme 2017-18\9 July 5th 2018\May   to Sept inc M Mill 2017 037.jpg

Welcome to the garden and studio of Barbara and Rob Meeke.  Members are invited to spend the evening visiting this lively studio and enjoying the beautiful garden and its views. The evening will also see the return of the travelling books.

No meeting in August

September 6th 2018

Treasure Trove of Textile Books: Looking between the covers of my favourite books. Gwenda Culkin.


I have collected textile and art books since being a child.  Some have come and some have gone, but others I cannot part with.  I will share with you a miscellany of my favourite books, old and new.  I will enhance these with a few relevant artefacts.

Thursday 4th October 2018           
Annual General Meeting. Time to reflect on the past year and share ideas for the future.