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Committee Meetings

Covid 19 and its restrictions have put the usual jolly cake filled committee meetings on hold, however, it has not stopped us meeting. 

We now have our meetings via Zoom. 

We have been discussing a wide range of issues lately : The Hospital Heroes Project, Speakers, National Fees,  Branch fees and our finances and most importantly “how do we  ensure we keep in touch with members when branch meetings have been suspended?”

The committee decided to share information from Head Office about National Fees and to use branch resources to fund Zoom speakers for November and December. We will not be asking for branch fees before Christmas.

The committee continue to meet virtually and Zoom meetings are arranged till December. 

Apologies were received from several members.


Here are the Chair's notes from September's meeting

The membership was discussed and all agreed that the Keeping in touch weekly newsletter produced by Janet is a wonderful resource for members to contribute to and help them to keep in touch with one another. Many members are joining the Zoom sessions - usually between 25-30 but we are hopeful that the number will grow. Eve to ask members if they need help setting up Zoom. Elizabeth continues to send out birthday cards. Many members are keeping in contact with others and are sharing conversations on WhatsApp groups. 

The programme Secretaries have now put together a full programme of speakers from November to next July. All the speakers are willing to use Zoom if we are still unable to meet at St Mary’s as a group. 

The first speaker in November will be Zara Day. Sarah will use the new Booking form and when all speakers have returned their forms the programme Secretaries will be able to produce a programme for members. 

It was reluctantly agreed to cancel the January Day school on ribbon embroidery as rules on meeting will not allow members to attend. 

Treasurer and Chair have set up internet banking enabling the branch to return monies paid for the NEC trip and the cancelled Day schools online. This is safer for members than handling and banking cheques. 

Hospital project

Lesley has produced excellent guidelines for the project detailing methods of mounting  work. She has also created a you tube video showing how to stretch work. 

People who create work for the hospital must be members or work will not be insured and therefore we will be unable to hang it. 


Current rules do not allow for members to meet and the charity commission have advised the Embroiderers Guild that branches do not need to hold an AGM. 

The treasurer will still complete a financial statement for members for October 2020 and the usual year end finances for 2018-19 will be sent to the Head office. 

Members will also be sent a report outlining the events of the year. 

All current committee members are willing to stay in post for the next year. 

The next committee meeting will be held on October 21st via Zoom

Eve Cook

Committee Members


           Eve                                 Pam                                      Angela                         Sandra                         Elizabeth
          Chair                     Patron & Special Projects             Secretary                      Treasurer              Membership Secretary

       Sarah                            Marjory                               Viv                                  Maureen
Programme Secretary      Programme Secretary       Marketing & Publicity        Outings Secretary

         Diane                                            Dee
        Stitch Friday                                      IT