Our Committee



The vote has been counted and the membership has voted overwhelmingly FOR the motion proposed by the trustees. 
This is excellent news as it means we can move forward knowing that we will be able to retain all our resources and will have a supportive information package from the Guild. 
80% of the vote was in favour of the proposal which is a very decisive result. 
We are working hard on moving forward as an independent group and next steps for us is to choose a name. Exciting times ahead. 


At the committee meeting in March 2021 we discussed the general meeting to be held on the 4 th March and the proposal being put to members for a vote.
We decided that whatever the outcome of the vote we will be setting up an independent stitch group.
We would prefer to do that with the support of the guild as they have promised us a package that will include sample constitution, advice re insurance etc, policies and practice documents and a small grant to help with start up. We will also receive an excel accounts package in order to support the treasurer ( this is the package Sandra currently uses) The Guild has also said that it will  list our new group on its new website and give us gallery space which will enable members of the public looking for a stitch group to join to easily find us. In addition we will still have access to the Folio collection.

At the meeting we looked at an Action Plan for the new group and  potential costings for the next two years. We have voted unanimously to continue and to work together to make a bright and exciting future for our members. We discussed our Spring programme and decided we will honour all  contracts for our proposed speakers. The Guild has appointed an individual to pay the outstanding contracts for March and April and so the next two speaker costs are covered.
In order for the new group to flourish we will need to ask for membership fees. The committee hope that current members will decide to join the new group in May, which will be our launch date. 
At the moment we need to wait for the outcome of the meeting on March 4th to know whether we are able to retain all our resources or whether liquidators will strip the cupboard bare! We still have details to work out so this email is just to let you all know what our intentions are.
Thinking ahead to the kind of programme we would offer it might look like this:-

Holding monthly meetings with speakers 8 times a year. These meetings may be by Zoom or when possible, at a meeting place ( St Marys Hall in Derby) 
A programme outlining speakers and events will be made available to members yearly. 
Hold a workshop Day once a year using members interests and talents.
Hold a Christmas event every December
Organise a visit to an appropriate venue in August 
AGM every May  
Sales tables and raffles
Monthly Chat and Stitch groups 
Monthly newsletter for all members 
“2 Facebook pages, one public and one private.
A web site
Monthly library for members 
Visits and Outings to exhibitions and to relevant venues
Hold exhibitions and develop links with the wider community
Engage with other stitch groups within the region 
Maintain our position as Derbys premier stitch group and build membership numbers. 

Sound familiar? Of course we can add in other activities as funds and volunteers allow.

We do hope that you will offer your support to the Committee and are excited to see what the future holds 
Best wishes 
Eve and the Committee 

Committee Meetings

Covid 19 and its restrictions have put the usual jolly cake filled committee meetings on hold, however, it has not stopped us meeting. 

We now have our meetings via Zoom. 

We have been discussing a wide range of issues lately : The Hospital Heroes Project, Speakers, National Fees,  Branch fees and our finances and most importantly “how do we  ensure we keep in touch with members when branch meetings have been suspended?”

The committee decided to share information from Head Office about National Fees and to use branch resources to fund Zoom speakers for November and December. We will not be asking for branch fees before Christmas.

The committee continue to meet virtually and Zoom meetings are arranged till December. 

Apologies were received from several members.


Here are the Chair's notes from October's meeting

A Zoom committee meeting was held and reports taken from officers  We  discussed the online bank account and the ease which it has bought to refunding payments to members for day schools and outings that didn’t happen. Still a few to do but getting there. 
Still some difficulties with next years 
Speaker bookings as some people still have to return booking forms. As soon as we are able we will publish the list. Pam Keeling will be the speaker in November and arrangements were made to try out the Zoom process in advance. 
Membership fees have been paid to head office but we are currently waiting for a clear list and until then we will continue with the list we have from March 2019. 
Several new ideas for projects in the New Year were discussed and will be firmed up after Christmas. 
The committee discussed the Work of the Hospital sub group and expressed their thanks for the hard work they have been doing. 
The branch chair will be attending the next sub group meeting and will feed back to them from the branch committee. 
Our Patron Pam fed back the good news that the silk Mill hope to install the large Hospital hanging from the last Hospital exhibition in January or February. 

Eve Cook

Committee Members


              Eve                                 Pam                                      Angela                         Sandra                         Elizabeth
            Chair                  Patron & Special Projects                 Secretary                     Treasurer          Membership Secretary

           Sarah                            Marjory                          Viv                                  Post Vacant
Programme Secretary     Programme Secretary   Marketing & Publicity        Outings Secretary

         Diane                                         Dee
        Stitch Friday                                 IT

Here are the individual roles and responsibilities of our Committee



It is expected that the Chair will attend as many Branch and Committee Meetings as possible   




At all times

Is available to members 

Communicates information  from HQ

Communicates information from Region

Communicates info from Branch to Region and HQ

Send notices, information etc to IT Rep for webpages

Send notices, information etc to IT Rep for newsletter

When necessary

Committee Meetings

Arranges agenda with secretary

Chairs committee meetings

Communicates news from Regional Committee to Branch Committee to keep them informed

Communicates news from the Branch to the Regional Committee as necessary

Agrees accuracy of minutes with secretary before secretary sends minutes to committee

Aims to ensure all roles on the committee are covered 

Ensures that each committee member has a job description that accurately describes their roles and responsibilities 

Ensures that all committee members understand their own role and that of others on the committee

Ensures that Committee members are working within the policies and guidelines set by HQ

Creates a safe environment for members and encourages good working practices

Is a source of help and support for committee members if needed

At least four times a year

Branch Meetings

The chair has overall responsibility for meetings, talks and workshops and co-ordinates and delegates jobs

Makes members aware of opportunities available through Regional and National initiatives and their impact on the branch 

Communicates effectively with members, gets to know people as individuals and encourage involvement with initiatives and the committee 

Ensures  microphone is set up  and IT cupboard is open

Opens up storeroom and Guild cupboard.

Ensures speaker is introduced and a vote of thanks is given

Ensures venue is safe and suitable with easy access for all opens up building before the meeting and closes building after meeting

Monthly (excluding August)


Organises the branch AGM, EGM and draw up agenda in conjunction with the Secretary

Agrees accuracy of minutes with secretary before secretary sends minutes to  members 

Chairs AGM and gives Annual Report

Represents Branch at Regional AGM and reports back to Branch or delegates appropriately

Clarifies National  “Direction of travel “ as outlined in AGM reports and creates a branch level plan to respond to it.

Represents Branch at National AGM and reports back to Branch or delegates appropriately

Attends as many Regional events as possible


or where necessary 

Makes links with other organisations to promote the work of the Guild and its members

Creates opportunities to showcase work and Encourages members  to produce work for display at exhibitions

Ensures the face book page is kept up to date after branch meetings and Guild events as well as maintaining a weekly “ presence” on the page

Ensures that in line with its charity requirements  the branch undertakes activities that have a public benefit and reports these back to Head office when requested.


Event / Task




Draws up and agree agenda with chair

Collects nominations and prepare ballot papers if necessary

Notifies all members of AGM at least 14 days before election

Takes minutes of meeting

Prepares draft minutes, send to chair for proof reading and agreement

Sends out minutes to members 

Once a year   October / November

Committee Meetings

Draws up and agree agenda with chair

Sends out agenda to committee members

Takes minutes of meeting

Prepares draft minutes, send to chair for proof reading and agreement

Sends out minutes to committee members

Books venue for committee meeting


Branch Meetings

Updates noticeboard and take to each meeting (drawing members’ attention to points of interest.)

Book venue

Monthly (excluding August)


Responds to (all) correspondence

Ensures that all appropriate correspondence is sent to committee and / or members, particularly communication from the national guild and regional committee  

Proof reads Newsletter

When necessary

In addition in the absence of a Publicity Officer I send advertisements for our meetings to the free newspapers (five in total) 4 monthly, 1 two-monthly






At Branch meetings

Collects fees from workshop organiser or delegates to another member, checking amount against register.

Receives and checks raffle money and afternoon workshop money for banking

Receives  and checks fees for day schools 

Pays tutor / speaker agreed fee – arranged in advance

When necessary

At every Branch Meeting

Collects fees for pm workshops


pays rental for venue for Branch Meetings, liaising with Programme Secretary

 pays rental for venue for Day schools  etc, liaising with Programme Secretary

Books and pays rental for venue for Stitch Friday etc, liaising with Stitch Friday Organiser

When necessary 

At Committee meetings

Reports of current position given at committee meetings

Committee expenses should be paid on receipt of a claim form detailing expenses

Prepares and presents a budget to the committee for the following year by February of the current year.  The budget will be based on rental and fees allowing a certain amount for contingencies.  Estimate amount from subs and entrance money based on last year.  Suitable subs can then be determined.

Ensures branch has a minimum of a years worth of running costs

At every Committee Meeting 

Annually by February

Guild subscriptions

Keeps records of members names and addresses for Branch records

Pays subs to HQ (This is usually in the autumn after the first meeting of the Branch year and then every time one or two new Members have joined.)

 Pays subs for Stitch and Embroidery Magazines to Guild HQ and Creative to River Media in Devon

Pays Annual Branch insurance premium to HQ, (in September)  

Annually / twice a year

Autumn Update as necessary


A new Treasurer should set up or maintain the bank account or building society account

Ensures sufficient signatories to enable 2 signatories which are  required for cheques – (usually Treasurer + 1 but all three Branch Officers can be listed on the Bank mandate to make it easier to get cheques signed.)

The signatories are: Treasurer, Secretary, Chair and membership secretary

Cheques in chequebook should not be pre-signed 

Ensures Money collected is banked as soon as possible after collection (except for a small amount for Petty Cash).

Ensures careful records and books are kept showing money collected and money paid out.

Ensures Receipts are given for all money collected and receipts collected for purchases or expenses.

Asks Tutors/speakers to sign a form to say they have received their fee.

Carefully fills in cheque book stubs and reconciles bank statements every month.

As necessary

Chair / Membership Secretary (EE)


Ensures that A person suitably qualified to do so audits the Branch accounts. (This need not be a hugely expensive firm of accountants and usually a small fee or gift is all that is needed. Members with contacts within other organisations can usually provide suitable contacts).

Ensures accounts are closed on 31st August and audited as soon as possible afterwards and always before the AGM in September or October.

Forwards accounts by 16 October to Hampton Court for consolidation within the whole Guild’s accounts.

Ensures the financial statements from the Young Embroiderers are included in the annual branch accounts.


Vice Chair




At Branch meetings

Deputises for Chair

Supports committee with issues of health and safety

Organises meetings in conjunction with chair – setting up room etc.

Is available to discuss last minute details before meeting

Supervises clearing away and locking up at the end of meetings in conjunction with chair

Has overall responsibility for seeing that visitors are welcomed and introduced to other members etc

When necessary

At Committee meetings

Deputises for Chair 

May chair any sub- committees formed to deal with specific projects

When necessary


Liaises with IT Rep when a prospective member or visitor is referred to us by the National Website

Follows up other enquiries about the Branch and Guild eg when stewarding at exhibitions

When necessary

IT Rep 

Event / Task



Web Pages

EMREG and National

keep EMREG web pages up to date at least monthly and attach newsletters, annual programme etc ongoing

compile branch album for Regional Day slideshow

keep national web pages up to date, attach programme change officers / contact etc

submit info about branch exhibitions to national website and emreg website.  

change officers / code holders as necessary 



when necessary


when necessary

when necessary

Internet access for members

help with any members’ problems with accessing above



compile layout and text for programme in conjunction with programme secretaries, quote speakers’ websites blurb, reproduce images – (if permission given by speaker) 

send draft to Programme Secretaries, Chair, Secretary, YE Rep and Stitch Friday Organiser for proof reading  

send finalised programme to printers

compile pocket sized programme for members only

typeset programme for Young Embroiderers

and proof reading sent to YE organiser.


To be ready for September meeting 



Sept meeting

September meeting


compile and send monthly newsletter to members using up to date members' list

keep Visitors' Book and send newsletter and programme to any visitors who leave their email addresses

send above to any enquirers sent from Membership Secretary / contacts via national website 





(until publicity officer is in place)

ensure that programmes plus other publicity is available at every meeting

ensure that above is available at exhibitions and other public events

send info to Pat Tempest at HQ for Contact

submit info about branch exhibitions / events to Embroidery, Stitch, Creative

for every meeting

when necessary

when necessary

when necessary

Data Protection:

Authorised Code Holders

guide the Branch Chair on the need to include the Authorised Access Policy on the Branch AGM / EGM agendas and to ensure branch code holders are approved by a simple show of hands. (There may be up to 5 branch code per branch.)

keep up to date members’ list with chair, secretary, membership secretary and treasurer.

at AGM 

Ongoing as new members join 

Membership  Secretary







Prepares the letter and form for application for membership of the Guild and Branch

Issue forms, letters and Grant Aid forms to existing members

Pass the returned GA forms to the Treasurer

Collect all the forms of application with included payments of branch and national membership fees and pass to the Treasurer

Record all the information  regarding method of payment of the subscriptions and amount

Add members to database to generate a form to give to Treasurer for payment to headquarters {2 copies}

Monitor years of membership and inform Regional Officers on 25years of membership

Keep the National database up-to-date with members details

Prepares a list of Members / Register of Members for use at the door at branch meetings, also for correspondence 

May each year

June each year

Membership welfare

Generate a list of birthdays of those who have provided that information

To send birthday as appropriate as from members of the Branch

To send ‘Get Well cards to sick members and ‘Sympathy cards as and when necessary to members and or families

To receive enquiries from potential members either by telephone or email

To communicate with IT ‘officer’ with their email address for newsletter

To receive queries and deal with those from existing members and potential members

Check that members are ‘comfortable’ in Branch meetings and are not alone especially new members

Know where members have travelled from to get to meetings to check any requirements they may have

When necessary 

At Committee meetings

To attend and support the committee

At every Committee Meeting 


Determine those who wish to order ‘Embroidery, ‘Stitch’, and ‘Creative’

Order and collect subscriptions and submit to treasurer

Workshops at Meetings

Prepare Register for afternoon workshops

Take the register at Branch meetings and fee, submit to Treasurer

Programme Secretary





At Committee meetings

Agrees budget for the following years Branch meeting Speakers and Workshop Tutors with Committee, given by the end of May 

Send finalised programme to IT Rep by end of June so that copies of programmes will be ready for distribution to members at September meeting

Liaise with Assistant Programme secretary regarding Day Schools and when drawing up programme etc

Keep Committee Members up to date with developments



Contacts prospective speaker / tutor and agrees dates and fee

Sends booking form to prospective speaker / tutor, (2 forms one for speaker / tutor to keep the other to be returned to Programme Organiser establishing any special requirements  ( alternatively using gmail)

Gets permission to use material from website for reproduction / links in programme for branch programme web page, newsletter and facebook page.

On receipt of booking form sends confirmation letter – keep on file 

( alternatively use G Drive to store all completed forms and correspondence) 

Confirms dates and arranges booking of venue with Treasurer when booking form has been received

Sends information for Programme to IT Organiser for paper programmes, Branch web pages and National website as soon as possible 

Confirms at least 2 weeks in advance that speaker / tutor is still available and checks whether he / she has any queries or further requirements 

Prepares a report for Branch AGM

Confirms hall bookings have been made

When necessary

At Branch meetings

Sets up sound system etc greets the speaker, arranges help to unload and set up etc 

Checks speaker has tea / coffee / refreshments

Arranges for introduction and for vote of thanks to speaker, helps speaker pack away and load car. 

Checks that Day School Organiser / Hostess has cheque for tutor and the key for door and cupboard for the next Day school. 


Assistant Programme Secretary 

At Branch meetings

Advertises Day Schools giving details

 collects names, contact numbers and deposit / fees, - price agreed with Programme Secretary - giving money to the treasurer, (the balance must be paid by the previous branch meeting.) 

Check with Programme Secretary if materials will be provided and if not give students a requirements list before the workshop

Responsible for seeing that Day schools are hosted – give host list of attendees, list of duties and cupboard keys

Start at least 2/ 3 (?) months ahead of workshop

Committee meetings

Keeps members up to date, if necessary

If necessary 

At the Day School

the host

Unlocks building and set up room in preparation, help tutor prepare

Provides tea, coffee, milk for members

Provides lunch for speaker if required

Gives tutor vote of thanks – before packing up

Pays fees and obtain receipt

Helps tutor pack away and check everything is left neat and tidy ( see booking agreement)

The host is responsible for tidiness - checks room and kitchen for tidiness and sees that it is clean before leaving 

Locks up


Supports Programme secretary to create a rolling programme of afternoon workshops.

Liaises with committee to ensure workshops support Branch projects when needed ( eg Sudbury at Christmas and National Day of Stitch) 

Encourages members to lead a workshop and offers support 

Publicity and Marketing Organiser

( please note there is no budget allocated for publicity )





Job s now done by IT organiser

Notifies local press about forthcoming branch meeting or any specific additional event

Notifies Stitch, Embroidery, Workbox etc of any special events ie exhibitions

Contacts Pat Tempest for publicity flyers, posters etc 

Flyers etc for libraries etc – liaise with IT Organisers 

Monthly – usually in first week.


Creates a  SMART  marketing plan for the Branch generally and for any specific project as needed

Ensures plan aims are in line with Guild HQ objectives 

Shares plan with chair and then with committee 

At Branch meetings

Informs branch of developments if necessary

As necessary 

At Committee meetings

Informs committee of developments if necessary

As necessary


Liaises with IT Organiser for publicity for web pages

When necessary

Stitch Friday Organiser




At Branch meetings

Informs members of dates of meetings

Collects names and fees from members for three month period

Every three months

At Stitch Friday 

Opens up hall and prepares tables if necessary

Provides tea / coffee and biscuits

Supervises tidying and clearing of rooms

Locks up after the meeting  

Every month

Booking the rooms

Arranges dates of meetings with venue and signs agreement and risk assessment form

Pays for the use of the rooms

Every three months 

At Committee Meetings

Keeps Committee informed of numbers etc

Where necessary


From time to time keeps IT Organiser up to date for website (checks on dates for “What’s On In April?” section) 

When necessary

Outings Secretary

Event / Task



Agrees destination with committee

Visits destination, if it has not been visited before, and plans itinerary liaising with others as neccessary

Provisionally books coach

Calculates price of tickets and agree with treasurer / committee

Advertises and collects money 

Liaises with IT Organiser for publicity on web pages

Pays non-returnable deposit (usually 10%) to coach company

Confirms booking and pays balance to coach company

Provisionally books any other activities on visit

Confirms booking of any other activities planned and pays organiser (if necessary) 

Reminds those going on trip of details – event, date, pick up point, time, leaving time etc – send to IT organiser for web pages

On the day checks off members going and gives out tickets etc if necessary

Checks members on return

Oversees other excursions

At least twice a year

Annual Outing

NEC for Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch -  Harrogate for Knitting and Stitching Show

Textile Library 




At Branch meetings

Brings library books and arranges on tables

Maintains a register of book loans

Checks on return of books to see that all books are accounted for

Buys new books when funds allow




From time to time keeps IT Organiser up to date for website

When necessary





At Branch meetings

Provides tea / coffee and biscuits/cake  for which she is reimbursed from branch funds

If she is unable to be at the meeting will ask another member to deputise

Sets up the kitchen before the meeting and makes teas and coffees with help from the rota of volunteer branch members

Supervises the collection of cups and saucers and washing up before the meeting