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Due to Covid-19 all meetings have been cancelled until further notice


Our  Group Project :  Mini Memory postcard quilts 

With   Lorraine 

This is Carole's  "Seasonal Inspirations, North Norfolk"

Here is a little group project to cheer us up and keep us stitching. You can make as many as you like. They are quite quick to do. Eventually we will display them all on a washing line with pegs.  We thought a nice theme would be holidays or favourite places and we all have loads of holiday photos. 

I have met some quilt makers who save every small scrap of patchwork fabric. Over the years these small scraps mount up. So, if that’s you this project is ideal for using up the smallest pieces. I have used an old wool blanket in the middle but anything similar will do. It’s aimed to be an upcycling project so use what you have. Whenever I do an embroidery project I always end up with a tangle of threads. I have used these to do the embroidery. If you prefer you could do a machine stitched version. The sizes below are only a guide, you may want to do yours the same as your photo size.



Photo to copy

Old blanket or quilters batting the size of your photo approx 14 x 9 cm

Scraps of patchwork fabric in appropriate colours

Backing fabric 1cm bigger all the way around than blanket size. This will give you a raw edge. You might want to fold yours under if so make it bigger.

6 strand embroidery threads in same colours

Tracing paper/baking paper and pencil



1. Place the tracing paper over the photo and trace. You don’t need much detail just the basic blocks of colour.  The detail comes later.Draw around the edge of the photo and then cut shapes out.

2. Select your fabric and iron. Use small traced pattern pieces and pin to appropriate fabrics and cut out. You may want to cut some slightly larger so that they can be tucked under the other shapes. I always work from top to bottom.

3. Pin in place. Using one strand of the embroidery thread stitch the first piece down using kantha stitch, this works well for sky, sea,and hills, this can be wavy and works better horizontally. Do the same with the other pieces apart from any that you want to have more detail. This may be in the foreground. Please see my examples. 

4. When you have finished doing the embroidery pin the backing on and fold round, press and stitch using a running stitch in self colour thread.

5. Don’t forget to put your name and where it is on the back.


Happy stitching 

Send a photo of your finished embroidery postcard to Sally M.  with a title and your name if you would like it to be displayed on this website.  

Due to a recent scam email received by a committee member, all personal email addresses have been removed from the web site.


Young Embroiderers' Group

Aged 8-16?

 Interested in being creative with fabric and   thread ?

 For further information and booking 

 contact Marian


or phone/text    


workshops cancelled until further notice



Joint Chairs: Mary Bomphrey & Diane Marriott 

Programme Secretary:  Lorraine Appleton & Marian Jackson

Secretary: Sally Marlow 


LoS Workshops in 2020

Due to Covid-19 all workshops have been cancelled for this year


Lorraine's  Memory Postcard Quilts 


"A Postcard from the Coast, Charlestown with the Tall Ship"

by Marian J

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