Layers of Stitch, 
Embroiderers' Guild Grantham
Gonerby Road, 
Grantham NG31 8HU
  Held on the first Tuesday each month 
10am - 3pm, Grantham Tennis Club, 
Old Clubhouse, Gonerby Road, 
Grantham, NG31 8HU

                Branch Banner 

This was initiated when the branch was first formed, each member contributed by stitching a small panel and the Banner has been designed so that new pieces can be added to it over time as new members join us.


Programme For 2020

Meeting days 2020

7th Jan     Members stitch day

4th Feb     Lorraine Appleton talk and presentation on upcycling   clothing and mini workshop. 

3rd March   Breast pocket project. Based on British wildlife. Please bring any old pockets or fabric. This will follow on from Lorraine’s talk last month. 

7th April     Members stitch day and show and tell

5th May     Members stitch day and show and tell

2nd June     Block printing for cards and embroidery. Hosted by Marian 

7th July       Polly Whistle talk and demo 

4th August   Prayer flags mini workshop

1st Sept        AGM

6th Oct         Helen Philips with her selling table. Please bring knickers for the “days for girls charity” if you wish to. 

Although it’s a member’s stitch day as well, we thought it would be nice to stitch something ethnic.        

3rd Nov      Stitch, scrap and swap session. Bring a project that you don’t like or has gone wrong. We will cut up and swap with other members and make something fantastic.

1st Dec Members stitch day 


Workshops 2020

10th March    Mary Sleigh  “ Piecing and patching African style” 

30th June       Cherrilyn Tyler    Contemporary machine or hand stitched landscapes

22nd Sept    Rosemary Deag   Applique flowers and

Machine embroidery 

13th Oct Lorraine Appleton Denim landscapes workshop

Summer school 2020 @ The old Barn near Marsden

26th to 28th June

Young Embroiderers 2020

Tues Feb 18th Half term

Tues April 14th Half term

Tues May 26th Half term

Tues August 11th Summer

Tues Oct 27th Half term


Travelling Books

We are the Region's newest Branch and are officially called
 "Layers of Stitch" - EGG  (Embroiderers' Guild Grantham)

Updated every month. it is a good way of keeping in touch with LOS EGG, even if you cannot get to the meetings.

Have a look at the "Travelling Books" photos, they are an impressive record of the amount of varied work being produced by members. 

                       From our Travelling Books

More photos from Jess Grady's Workshop




                         silk, crochet and sequins




Joint Chairs: Mary Bomfrey & Diane Marriott -

Programme Secretary:  Lorraine Appleton & Marian Jackson

Secretary: Sally Marlow -

Treasurer: Christine Espinosa



  TUESDAY 7th January 2020

Members Stitch Day

                   November 5th 

Nicola Jarvis Presentation  and Workshop

On November 5th, we had the priviledge of having Nicola Jarvis come to visit us to give a fascinating presentation on embroidery of the late Tudor and Stuart period in which she discussed the fashionable past time of making small wooden caskets which were decorated all over with embroidery of flora, fauna and  insects. She also described  a very special  project she led at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford  where 20 of her students recreated C17th style caskets which were later exhibited at the same museum in May 2017.

The C17th style insect motifs she described earlier provided the starting point for the follow up mini workshop she led and  those of us who took part found the activity both rewarding and addictive!

 modern examples of embroidery on C17th
 mini caskets

Nicola gave us many tips on how to achieve  shading on 
satin stitch




Jess Grady Workshop  

 Floral Embroidery and Embellishments with
Mixed Media 

"members produced some truly beautiful 


Our local branch recently held a workshop where the very 

talented and creative Jess Grady showed several members

 how to incorporate unusual and recycled materials into their 

sewing, but also being able to add their own embroidery. 

Items included metal washers, elastic bands, plastic straws 

ironed flat to give a multi-coloured sheet for cutting out 

shapes, painted lace and foils, to be cut into leaf or petal 

shapes - the possibilities were endless. Everyone thoroughly 

enjoyed Jess's workshop and she was an excellent tutor.


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