"Layers of Stitch" - EGG

From our Travelling Books.

We are the Region's newest Branch and 
are officially called
 "Layers of Stitch" - EGG  (Embroiderers' Guild Grantham)

We have our own blog where you can read all about what we've been up to.

Updated every month. it is a good way of keeping in touch with LOS EGG, even if you cannot get to the meetings.

Have a look at the "Travelling Books"photos, they are an impressive record of the amount of varied work being produced by members. 


Tuesday 4th July, 2017,     

10am- 3pm    

 Members Social Stitching

and Stitch Books - Stitch Technique Surgery



  Layers of Stitch, Embroiderers Guild Grantham - Programme

2017  MEETINGS -  Held on the first Tuesday each month 10am - 3pm, Grantham Tennis Club, Old Clubhouse, Gonerby Road, Grantham, NG31 8HU

Tuesday 4th July        Members’ stitching day.


Tuesday 1st August     Possibly an outing, to be arranged.


Tuesday 5th September  AGM and Cherrilyn Tyler’s talk and                                     demonstration of her work.


Tuesday 3rd October      Mini Christmas Workshops  .


Tuesday 7th November    Jan Dowson - A Creative Journey                                      – Jan received The Beryl Dean                                         Award and Medal of Excellence for                                    teaching City and Guilds and for her                                    work.


Tuesday 5th December   Members’ own work and Bauble                                         Swap



Tuesday 20th June    Sue Stone –Texture and Pattern in                                      Handstitch.


Wednesday, 18th October  Nicola Jarvis – Crewel Work.          


  Chairman's Challenge - Logo and Headings

Members asked to submit images on the theme of "Layers of Stitch" to be used in our publicity.


"Layers of Stitch" - EGG ‎(Embroiderers' Guild Grantham)‎


Our Banner - first Branch Project.

Tuesday, 6th June  2017     

Lynn Haith - The Antithesis of Serendipity- Lynn’s fabulous work for her City & Guilds Diploma, for which       she gained her  second Medal of Excellence. This was an excellent talk that left her audience "gob smacked and bamboozled"

Layers of Stitch, Embroiderers Guild Grantham


Gonerby Road, Grantham, NG31 8HU 

Chair: Kate Pike <katfisch00@hotmail.com>
Secretary: Sue Cork  -  suecork8@hotmail.co.uk

Treasurer: Jenny Fay