Programme and Workshops 2014/15

For fuller details of times and availability of Workshops please contact: Secretary:    Vicki Honeywood  -

5th August, 2014                Mini Workshops

2nd September, 2014         Stitch and Colour. Inktense Pebbles   -  Annette Cooke

18th September, 2014        Encrusted with eyelets        -      Mary Sleigh

7th October, 2014               Layers of Stitch  -  EGG Challenge

4th November, 2014           Autumn Vase - 3D Vessel     -  Tina Slipper

13th November, 2014         Flippant Stitches    -   Pauline Verrinder

2nd December, 2014           Christmas mini workshops & Secret Santa

6th January, 2015                Stitch in Company.    Bring and Buy.

3rd February, 2015              Book Covers    -    Tina Slipper

3rd March, 2015                  Stitched Coiled Pots  -  Lorraine Appleton

7th April, 2015                    Mini Workshops

5th May, 2015                    Mini Workshops

2nd June, 2015                   Retrospective Look Over our first year and finalising Exhibition.