Programme and Workshops 2011-2012

Friday evenings 

September 30th Inspiration from a Hungarian lady Aranka Vincent and her son. With free starter packs we began to sew Hungarian postcards in support of the Olympics.

October 28th Magie Relph gave a talk about African fabrics ‘The road to patchwork’.

November 25th Velma Pursehouse talked on Tudor clothing, ‘An Elizabethan Strip’

January 27th Practical evening French knitting

February 24th Jane Drummond talking about the Royal School of Embroidery Courses, Lincoln Cathedral Embroiderers and conservation of embroideries with Sheila Landis

March 30th Katie Chaplin talked about and demonstrated the Kimono, the costume of Japan and showed us the Japanese tea ceremony.

April 27th With Wendy Coyne were needle weaving a pendant or a brooch.

May 25th Leonard Thompson showed us his fabulous silk paintings and told us about his techniques.

June 29th Pearsalls Embroidery threads

July 27th Marion Barnett talked about transfer painting on synthetic, spunbonded fabrics

Workshops 2011-12

October 29th Magie Relph gave us a workshop using Kente Cloth, ‘The Patchwork Way’

March 31st Katie Chaplin folded cloth with us – Japanese folded patchwork and Kimekomi

June 30th Leonard Thompson taught us silk painting

July 28th Marion Barnett showed us techniques of transferring colour onto synthetic, spunbonded fabrics

Stitch clubs 2011-12 (by members for members)

15th November Lyn Rochester 3D Collage

19th November Julia Welch Knitting with Wire (Christmas decoration)

21st January Robyn Smith Needle Felting

18th February Mary Paulger Pattern darning

17th March Jacqui Armitage 3D dragonfly

21st April Shirley Rowley making and decorating a tape measure case

19th May Janet Taylor Canvas, string and tissue

16th June Kate Steane Transfer printing

21st July Sheila Sherwood and Jacqui Armitage Bracelet and beads