Programme and Workshops 2013-2014

Lincoln Bailgate Embroiderer’s Guild

Lincoln Bailgate Methodist Church Lounge (back to our old venue)

27th September 2013: AGM & Lyn Fairhead to receive Project Linus Quilts, Andrew MacDonald to talk about his

historical quilt.

25th October 2013: Liz Emery - Landscapes in Felt

29th November 2013: Linda Patrick - Victorian Christening Gowns

31st January 2014: Mini Practical - Garden Project, practicing families of stitches

28th February 2014: Alison Richards - Bonnets & Bloomers

28th March 2014: Lynda Monk - Creative Surfaces

25th April 2014: Mini Practical Evening to be decided

30th May 2014:  Bronwyn Fleming - Obsessive Textile Disorder 

27th June 2014: Jackie Cheetham  - Hats & Chats

25th July 2014 - Notty Hornblower  - Putting on the Ritz


26 Oct 2013 Liz Emery - Landscapes in Felt

29 March 2014 Lynda Monk - Scrims, Screens & Scrappy Bit

Stitch clubs

We also have Saturdays once a month - Oct to July, when one member will teach other members.