Programme and Workshops 2015-2016

19.09.15 Stitch Club: Making Book Covers for Regional Day

25.09.15 AGM & ‘Rummaging Through Grannies’ Drawers’  - Tempo Promotes

17.10.15 Stitch Club : Mary Paulger - Initials in trailing white work 

30.10.15 Branch Meeting: Amanda Hislop – ‘Landlines, drawn lines & stitched lines’

31.10.15 Workshop: Amanda Hislop – ‘Layers in Land & Seascapes’

21.11.15 Stitch Club: Lyn Rochester – Fabric flowers 

27.11.15 Branch Meeting: Nicola Jarvis – ‘From Apprentice to Head of Stitch at the Royal School of Needlework’

16.01.16 Stitch Club: Robyn Smith – Small bag – welt felt making

29.01.06 Branch Meeting: Practical evening, details tbc

20.02.16 Stitch Club: Amy Smith – Japanese book making

26.02.16 Branch Meeting: Jane Marrows - ‘Quilt, Felt , Paper and Stitch’

27.02.16 Workshop: Jane Marrows Mixed media  making silk paper & waxed stitched book 

18.03.16 Branch Meeting: Lynda Kinnard – Textile jewellery and demonstration

19.03.16 Stitch Club: Di McCatty –Canvas stitch work (with painted canvas)

16.04.16 Stitch Club: Kathy Paton – Painted landscape with stitch

29.04.16 Branch Meeting: Alice Fox – ‘Walking, collecting and Making’

23-28.05.16    Annual Branch Exhibition – Lincoln Central Library – Community Room

27.05.16 Branch Meeting: Helen Phillips – ‘The master craftsmen of Kashmir’

18.06.16 Stitch Club: Jacqui Armitage – Goldwork

24.06.16 Branch Meeting: Chris Gray - ‘Tribal Textile Inspirations’

25.06.16 Workshop: Chris Gray - ‘Tribal Patterns’

16.07.16 Stitch Club: Carol Dunlop Stitch Club – Embroidered collage cards

29.07.16 Branch Meeting: Sandra Jenkins – ‘Reflecting – Designing –creating a textile journey’

All meetings and workshops are open to visitors, Parking available. Unless otherwise notified:

Stitch Clubs and Workshops are normally held at the Thomas Garrett Rooms, Heighington: (Stitch 

Clubs 10.00-15.00, £5 to members and visitors; Workshops 10.00-16.00, £30.00 to non-members)

To book on Stitch Clubs or Workshops, and to confirm locations and dates, contact Jacqui 

Armitage 01522 753670 (