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Lincolnshire Branch Events and News

Welcome to Lincolnshire Branch Events and News a new feature where we will give you a bit more detail about our meetings past and present. 

Sunday 14th July Jenny Aidn Christie Millefiori Broaches

 at Sudbrook Village Hall 10am to 3.30pm

Places are available.  £27 to Branch Memebers £32 for visitors.  
To book please contact or 07725 807297.  

Cost of kit payable to Jenny on the day


posted 14 Sep 2018, 04:47 by Marika Riddick

On Saturday the 8th of September we held our first Lincolnshire branch Kickstart workshop.
Colin Merry who is a Geologist gave us a talk on Fossils and Jan Dowson using fossils as an inspirational theme showed us how to create wonderful surfaces and textures using a combination of mixed media and stitch.
A wonderful, informative and creative day.


January 2018 workshop with WENDY DOLAN "ARCHITECTURE IN STITCH"

posted 6 Feb 2018, 05:10 by Marika Riddick

On Saturday we had the pleasure of Wendy's talk on Art, Architecture and Stitch. The following day we had a workshop "Architecture in Stitch".
Wendy's teaching examples. Showing how to layer the torn pieces of fabrics, stitch down each piece and stitch your design from the reverse.
Wendy's teaching examples. Backing fabric, layering pieces of torn fabrics, stitching round each piece.  Sewing the design from the reverse

When you start it isn't as easy as it looks!

Examples of our "work in progress"

As you can see we all enjoyed a fabulous day.
Wendy was an excellent speaker and tutor imparting lots of information and personal tips
A BIG THANK YOU WENDY from EG Lincolnshire branch.  

Carolyn talking to Wendy about her design ideas

Jayne stitching away
Jenny stitching away

Lincolnshire Member's success in National Competition 2016.

posted 24 Apr 2016, 07:26 by Bronwyn Fleming

Lincolnshire member Jo Eades has won the Machine Embroidery Prize in this year's annual member's competition 'Looking Through', with her delightful portrait of one of her cats, her piece is entitled 'Beyond the Fringe'.Congratulations Jo!

March meeting with Fran Holmes

posted 13 Mar 2016, 06:18 by Bronwyn Fleming

Fran talked about her work created in association with the Textile Art  Miniscus group of embroiderers tutored by Cherrilyn Tyler. Her work has been exhibited at the Fashion , Embroidery and Sewing for pleasure at the NEC and many galleries around the UK. Fran's work is mainly machine embroidery, mainly based on natural forms such as vegetables and flowers - cabbages and primroses are two areas of inspiration. She also uses a number of vilene products spun bond and decovil to create lacy textiles when cut with a soldering iron or zapped with a heat gun. Members were able to have ago at using the Spun bond with hand stitch, and take part in a workshop the following day based on machine embroidered primroses. 

A New Year opens with Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

posted 9 Jan 2016, 09:53 by Bronwyn Fleming

Lincolnshire member Ann Stalley has taught herself this tricky technique over the last 18 months, mastering the use of the rayon Z twist thread to create beautiful embroidered flowers in vibrant colours with a 3D element. She teaches her own classes on Brazilian Dimensional embroidery and spends time conversing with fellow enthusiasts in America, where the embroidery is very popular. During the morning Ann told us a little bit about herself and her enthusiasm for this style of embroidery and introduced us to a number of the basic stitches, bullion knots are key added on the other childhood favourites such as lazy daisy stitch. By increasing the number of loops on the bullion in the Z twist thread raised textures and 3D elements are created. After lunch we all worked from a small kit prepared by Ann of tulips, putting our newfound skills into practice.

November meeting - interesting discussions and a talk from Sarah Burgess

posted 15 Nov 2015, 08:28 by Bronwyn Fleming

This month our committee had decided to take some time as a branch to discuss and consider the consultation documents from Terry Murphy sent to us in October. A lively discussion followed and members had the opportunity to consider the proposals, think about their response as a member of a branch and as an individual member. Our committee used two notice boards and collected questions and statements on post-it notes from members to help the committee formulate a response on behalf of the branch too. We intend to send our post-it notes to Terry - and hope he can answer some of our questions.

After lunch we were treated to an entertaining and interesting talk by Sarah Burgess entitled Interior Landscapes.
Sarah is a member of the Textile study Group, according to her artist statement, she is enjoying the challenges of freelance life after teaching art, design and textiles in further and higher education and following recent MA studies in Textiles at Manchester School of Art. Her work explores the accidental incidents that disrupt the smooth order and predictability of everyday life. Dementia and memory loss have been important themes.
Drawing is crucial to her work using print, ink and graphite and recent work with landscape and mono-print on paper and fabric has brought a return to colour with complex printed surfaces often layered with marks of stitch, cut and inserted with flashes of bright silks.
She is excited by the qualities of materials, including fabric but also ceramic, glass, wood, metal or feathers; materials strongly contrasting in weight and character and used for their expressive properties whilst open structured work may explore perceptions of fragility.
Sarah's work was interesting and thought provoking, it was fascinating to listen to Sarah explain the ideas and connections that link her art and ideas.

October 2015 Branch Meeting: A day of interesting talks.

posted 11 Oct 2015, 06:00 by Bronwyn Fleming

On Saturday morning we proudly presented 3 members with their 25 year badges and certificates, congratulations to Jill Gibbs, Angela Brady and Vera Ramsey, and to Carolyn Merry who received her's at the EM AGM. After branch business we had a very interesting talk given by Pam Keeling about the EG collection and the history of the Guild. It was amazing to see the wide variety of historical, cultural and contemporary pieces of embroidery held in the collection. Pam spoke knowledgeably about the stitching techniques and about her favourite pieces. In the afternoon Mary Sleigh who is a member of The Embroiderers’ Guild as well as an active member of The Textile Study Group spoke to us about African adornment and Identity. Mary has a wealth of experience in teaching creative textile courses and is now concentrating on developing her own work. The inspiration for her own work is wide ranging, as is the range of embroidery in her repertoire. From ecclesiastical restoration embroidery to work based around her collections of found objects. Her Travels in South Africa and India experiencing the people, culture and landscape have fired her imagination and her work. We enjoyed her fascinating slide show where we were whisked across the African and Indian continents admiring the amazing craft-work, textiles and embroidery she had photographed and collected on her travels. Mary brought a range of bead-work, leather-work and textile artifacts for us to see, including a beautiful silk chiffon hand embroidered sari and very detailed Kantha work. 

September Opens with Sally Wilson's spectacular machine embroidery.

posted 12 Sep 2015, 10:07 by Bronwyn Fleming

We were lucky enough to have the lovely Sally Wilson as our first speaker this season. Dividing her time between Yorkshire and West London, sally produces the most spectacular 2D and 3D machine embroidery work inspired by anything in the world that inspires her. From wonderful cityscapes of collage, stitch, drawing, painting and printing to her 3D sculptural sea birds, seafood or fish.
Sally Wilson is a Fine Artist who works in a diverse range of materials including welded metal, free machine embroidery, hand stitching, found objects, acrylic & oil paints, Photoshop work and photography. These are integrated together to create unique art pieces.
She has been shortlisted and also won a number of prestigious prizes.  The most familiar to you would probably be her incredible 3D embroidery based on the 1960's for the Madeira/ Stitch Competition. 
 Sally brought lots of her work to show us and gave an entertaining talk about the roots of her work and how it has developed over the last ten years when she seriously started stitching - totally awe inspiring!

June Meeting and Workshop with the legendary Diane Bates

posted 21 Jun 2015, 09:03 by Bronwyn Fleming

At our meeting in June we watched two short films will be shown in the morning, one on the Magna Carta embroidery exhibited at the British Library and one on the Sreepur village project in Bangladesh. It was fascinating to see the short film on the making of the embroidery of the Wikipedia Magna Carta page especially as a member from our branch contributed one of the images on the 'page' and members also knew Anthea Godfrey who contributed a beautiful piece of Or Nue (taking 450 hours!). We have Anthea as a speaker next year ad she is also running a work shop on this exacting technique! The film about the work of Ruby Porter in Sreepur was interesting and humbling - what wonderful charity work is happening in this very deprived area of Bangladesh, especially for the female children abandoned by their families and the young women in this area.

In the afternoon we had a talk by Diane Bates “From Body to Wall and Back Again” Diane Bates is an internationally renowned textile artist, who graduated from Goldsmiths College with a degree in Fine Art, and who holds and MA in Industrial Design from Birmingham and who is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts. Diane likes to cross artistic divisions from fine art to Sculpture and entertained us with her description of her work on solubles featuring the use of an eclectic variety of materials from Christmas decorations to Swarovski crystals. She showed us an exciting range of drawings, samples and photographs of her beautiful machine embroidered garments. Although she looks formidable in her black hat, her talk was highly amusing and she was very entertaining and down to earth!

April 11th - Mildred Higgins' Day 2015 'In Stitches' (literally) with Louise Gardiner!

posted 12 Apr 2015, 08:42 by Bronwyn Fleming

After much careful planning by members of the committee (and a very big thank you to Hilary Farley who organised the traders and booked the speaker) and a lot of help from branch members, assisting with a selection of wonderful cakes, administering the reception, selling raffle tickets, manning the branch table and collecting tickets on the door of the lecture theatre, the Guild opened its doors to 70 members and in excess of 90 guests.

On display in the main hall was the stunning stained glass piece and Lincolnshire Branch Banner worked by branch members as well as the equally lovely Monet/Klimt pieces. The competition “Figurative Fun” attracted some highly accomplished work from 20 entrants that was also on display so that members could make their choice and our guest speaker could also judge.

During a leisurely morning looking at a variety of stalls and seeing our talented demonstrators at work Brenda Scarman (Gold work), Jane Drummond (Crewel work) and Mary Winn (Japanese Braiding), members were able to take part in a Treasure Trail Quiz with some tough questions designed by Joan Panton,as well as indulging in cookies and coffee. 

After lunch, Bronwyn welcomed all and thanked everyone who helped, before announcing the guest speaker, the textile artist Louise Gardiner, whose talk “In Stitches” took us through her background as a farmer’s daughter with strong entrepreneurial skills, through her degree course and the development of her personal style and decision to work in figures. This was accompanied by a slide show featuring her work including the stunning quilt that Liberty’s commissioned from her. Bronwyn warmly thanked Louise for a most entertaining talk before Louise announced the prize winners of the Mildred Higgins’ competition. Louise remained after the talk to talk to visitors in the main hall, very generously answering questions on her work.

The prize winners were in the four categories as follows:-

Dee Jackson for technique, Brenda Scarman Speaker’s Choice, Jayne Hanson for Design and Bronwyn Fleming as Members’ Choice. Each was awarded a well-deserved Barnyarns voucher. The raffle was well supported with many prizes and this was drawn after the prize giving. Members were then able to take tea or coffee and cake and have a final browse around the stalls before ending a very enjoyable day,


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