A New Year opens with Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

posted 9 Jan 2016, 09:53 by Bronwyn Fleming
Lincolnshire member Ann Stalley has taught herself this tricky technique over the last 18 months, mastering the use of the rayon Z twist thread to create beautiful embroidered flowers in vibrant colours with a 3D element. She teaches her own classes on Brazilian Dimensional embroidery and spends time conversing with fellow enthusiasts in America, where the embroidery is very popular. During the morning Ann told us a little bit about herself and her enthusiasm for this style of embroidery and introduced us to a number of the basic stitches, bullion knots are key added on the other childhood favourites such as lazy daisy stitch. By increasing the number of loops on the bullion in the Z twist thread raised textures and 3D elements are created. After lunch we all worked from a small kit prepared by Ann of tulips, putting our newfound skills into practice.