June Meeting and Workshop with the legendary Diane Bates

posted 21 Jun 2015, 09:03 by Bronwyn Fleming

At our meeting in June we watched two short films will be shown in the morning, one on the Magna Carta embroidery exhibited at the British Library and one on the Sreepur village project in Bangladesh. It was fascinating to see the short film on the making of the embroidery of the Wikipedia Magna Carta page especially as a member from our branch contributed one of the images on the 'page' and members also knew Anthea Godfrey who contributed a beautiful piece of Or Nue (taking 450 hours!). We have Anthea as a speaker next year ad she is also running a work shop on this exacting technique! The film about the work of Ruby Porter in Sreepur was interesting and humbling - what wonderful charity work is happening in this very deprived area of Bangladesh, especially for the female children abandoned by their families and the young women in this area.

In the afternoon we had a talk by Diane Bates “From Body to Wall and Back Again” Diane Bates is an internationally renowned textile artist, who graduated from Goldsmiths College with a degree in Fine Art, and who holds and MA in Industrial Design from Birmingham and who is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts. Diane likes to cross artistic divisions from fine art to Sculpture and entertained us with her description of her work on solubles featuring the use of an eclectic variety of materials from Christmas decorations to Swarovski crystals. She showed us an exciting range of drawings, samples and photographs of her beautiful machine embroidered garments. Although she looks formidable in her black hat, her talk was highly amusing and she was very entertaining and down to earth!