March Meeting - Illuminated Letters with Teabags and Tissue paper

posted 15 Mar 2015, 09:03 by Bronwyn Fleming   [ updated 15 Mar 2015, 09:26 ]

On Saturday the whole day was devoted to a workshop devised and lead by branch members Dee Jackson and Joan Panton. Most of our members participated creating a beautiful illuminated letter on tissue paper that was then bonded onto acrylic felt, distressed with a soldering iron and dyed with strong tea. we were then able to stitch into the image. The results were stunning. Dee and Joan ran a very successful and enjoyable workshop. Despite their worries and nerves on the day the careful planning and organisation paid off and the whole day was a credit to them both. Everyone seemed to enjoy what they were doing, some overcame their trepidation in venturing into the unknown and everyone has something to work on for the exhibition. We look forward to seeing how the members develop their work to provide a piece for the Cathedral exhibition. Hilary Farley gave a vote of thanks for a very enjoyable day.

Textile artist Chris Gray joined us for the day as a 'student' and brought some samples of the work she will be doing with classes at the year’s summer school and they were on show during the meeting.

During the day we were honoured with a visit from the EG national Chair, Christine Poole. She was made most welcome and once initial introductions were made Christine spent the day mingling and chatting with the members. She remained with us until the close of what was a lovely day.