October 2015 Branch Meeting: A day of interesting talks.

posted 11 Oct 2015, 06:00 by Bronwyn Fleming
On Saturday morning we proudly presented 3 members with their 25 year badges and certificates, congratulations to Jill Gibbs, Angela Brady and Vera Ramsey, and to Carolyn Merry who received her's at the EM AGM. After branch business we had a very interesting talk given by Pam Keeling about the EG collection and the history of the Guild. It was amazing to see the wide variety of historical, cultural and contemporary pieces of embroidery held in the collection. Pam spoke knowledgeably about the stitching techniques and about her favourite pieces. In the afternoon Mary Sleigh who is a member of The Embroiderers’ Guild as well as an active member of The Textile Study Group spoke to us about African adornment and Identity. Mary has a wealth of experience in teaching creative textile courses and is now concentrating on developing her own work. The inspiration for her own work is wide ranging, as is the range of embroidery in her repertoire. From ecclesiastical restoration embroidery to work based around her collections of found objects. Her Travels in South Africa and India experiencing the people, culture and landscape have fired her imagination and her work. We enjoyed her fascinating slide show where we were whisked across the African and Indian continents admiring the amazing craft-work, textiles and embroidery she had photographed and collected on her travels. Mary brought a range of bead-work, leather-work and textile artifacts for us to see, including a beautiful silk chiffon hand embroidered sari and very detailed Kantha work.