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Programme & Workshops


Programme 2019/20

7th September 2019  am   AGM and Chairman’s Challenge pm   Talk: Judith Rowley  - A journey through time from historical to  contemporary       

12th October 2019 Elliot Room all day activity—Marion Jackson  - Hidden Sugars bring sweet wrappers
9th November 2019 am Activity: Stitch Corners   pm Talk: Ninya Mikhaila  The making of the Black Prince’s joupon  

4th December 2019 Christmas social with a surprise and bring and share lunch
11th January 2020 am Talk: Getting the best out of the digital world   pm Talk: Lynn Haith  - Antithesis of Serendipity 

8th February 2020 Elliot Room am Talk: Marianne Young  - My Textiles   pm Friendship Activity  
14th March 2020 am Activity:  Stitch Corners   pmTalk: Nigel Cheney—Narratives in Stitch           

11th April 2020 am Activity: Cloths of gold, silver or other colours In 2 morning sessions make a beautiful piece of fabric by decorating with painted bondaweb, transfer foils, glittery sprinkles and stitch   
pm Talk: Amanda Clayton  - My Blue Suitcase
9th May 2020 Seminar room 1&2 Hardy Building am Activity: Cloths of gold, silver or other colours 
pm Talk: Michala Gyetvai—Enchanted Landscapes            

6th June 2020 am Activity: Silk Paper with Wendy and Joan using both natural and dyed silk fibres and trapping other threads or petals to make 2 unusual pieces of silk paper that can then be stitched 
pm Talk: Kathleen Laurel Sage – Textiles of my Life    

11th July 2020 Mildred Higgins Memorial Day am Display of chairman’s challenge pm Talk: Jane Hall – Nature of Creativity


In the morning we held our branch AGM which was well attended with 49 members including 2 new members.
Members brought in their work to display completed during the summer


In the afternoon Judith Rowley held a talk entitled "Journey Thorough Time from historical to contemporary"
The talk was very interesting and informative with her pieces depicting the votes for women struggles.




Our July meeting is always our Mildred Higgins Memorial Day where we remember Mildred one of our longest serving Chair's and members.
At this meeting members bring in pieces they have completed for competitions during the year and show other work they have completed

Chairman's Challenge.  At the AGM in Sept 2018 Jayne set the 2018/19 chairman's challenge "Come fly with me" 


At the AGM in Sept 2018 the 2018/19 Mildred Higgins day competition was set by Jenny Aiden Christie to be judged by her in July 2018 "Patterns in Glass"

Overall winner Jo Eades       Technical Skills Barbara Jones  Design Benda Scarman     Members Choice Anne Henderson 
In the morning we had a talk from Mary McIntosh - Text and Textile Art


In the afternoon we had an amazing talk from Jenny Aiden Christie - Preserving the past and creating the future.  In this she took us through her work past and present and her time at the Royal School of Needlework and embroidering the wedding dress of Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge.


On the Sunday there was a workshop by Jenny Aiden Christie creating Millefori Broaches. 



For this meeting we were at Whisby nature reserve, a beautiful location despite the rain.
In the morning we had an activity of pot luck stitches where members picked a stitch to sew

In the afternoon we had a talk from Alex Hall of the Scunthorpe Branch on her wonderful memories workbooks.  From the pages of these books memories of holidays come flooding back.



In the morning member Bronwyn Flemming extended her previous talk in January where we were "taking a line for a walk" to "developing the line" where we enhanced our drawing skills.  


In the afternoon we had a talk from Laura Marriott and EG graduate scholar on her journey and machine embroidery.

On the Sunday there was a workshop by Deborah Mullins on Palestinian Embroidery


In April in the Morning was a free stitch to work on the chairmans challenge or members own work.

In the afternoon the talk was led by Amanda Hislop entitled "Land Lines, Drawn lines and stitch lines" 
Amanda talked us through how she created her amazing landscape designs.


On Sunday Amanda held a workshop showing us how to create texture in our designs using material, paper, string, cotton, leaves, paint and glue among many other things.



In March we trialled our successful friendship day.  The Committee thought it would be interesting to mix up where people sat so they could make friends with people they didn't normally sit next to.  Everyone hailed this a success getting to know people they didn't know before.


In the afternoon we had a fascinating talk from Meredith Towne entitled "Confessions of an Edwardian Shopoholic"   Meredith (in full Edwardian Costume) talked us through what an Edwardian lady would need to buy for her Wedding and married life thereafter.



In the morning we had a free stitch morning where members sew their current ongoing projects.


In the afternoon we hade a talk from Kate Wells entitled "Dip your work in Gold"  
Kate brought in some of her exquisite goldwork for us to see


In the morning we had a talk and practical session from member Bronwyn Flemming on "Taking a Line for a Walk"
We were taken on a practical exercise on drawing starting with making lines and patterns, line thickness and texture to drawing objects provided


In the afternoon we had a walk from Anthea Godfrey, Artistic Director of the Embroidery Guild
The talk entitled "Couture Embroidery" was a fascinating insight into the use of embroidery by the couture houses past and present. 


On the Sunday Anthea delivered her beaded collar workshop.  The group loved the day and produced some fantastic work although not finished on the day.


Christmas Masquerade
For our Christmas meeting we always gift our member a little present, this year it was a masquerade mask for our members to embellish.


For lunch we have a buffet, members bring in an item and we all share.  This is always a lovely social day in our calendar and an opportunity for members to relax and chat whilst sewing.



Member Val Letts held and all day activity making boxes



In the morning we had a stitching activity
In the afternoon there was a talk from Deborah Mullins on Palestinian Costume and Bethlehem


In September we had the branch AGM in the morning
In the afternoon was a talk from Julian Ellis on framework knitting and the Luddites

Earlier in the month there was a Kickstart workshop on fossils.


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