Programme and Workshops 2017



2016-17 Programme

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November 24th   



        January 26th   


        February 23rd   


March 23rd   


April 27th  


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 “Close To Home”

3D Canvas work

No meeting – Happy Christmas to you all!

Sit & Sew

 Maria Thomas   

 Libby Smith         

  Michaela Gyetvai 

Practical workshop


Robert Smyth School

 Branch led practical workshop

 Branch outing to be arranged

  AGM and Guild Folios.

Three Harborough embroiderers share their work and inspiration.

Practical workshop led by member Julia Fry – please bring hand sewing kit


Our traditional New Year meeting – please bring along whatever you are currently working on.  Spend a happy evening catching up with friends, having a peek at what they are doing and maybe even doing a stitch or two yourself!  If you are having difficulty with a project, maybe bring it along as someone might be able to help….

Maria talks to us about her recycled textiles

A talk about Libby’s textile journey, bringing a selection of her work for us to see.

Michaela talks about her large scale machine stitched landscapes with examples to look at.


Practical workshop led by members based on the ‘Stitches, Tones & textures’ portfolio from the Guild

Libby Smith leads a one day workshop based on her Rolled Landscapes.

Celebrating our continuing relationship with the Robert Smyth Sixth Form textile art students – once again time to present awards to the students and see some of their work.  Generally eye-opening, stunning, fearless work by dedicated and imaginative young people.

Branch Members Only event.