Programme 2015 -2016

7th October 2015     -    A.G.M. Four Mini Workshops

4th November          -    Workshop 'Darning With A Difference' by Christine Plummer

2nd December         -    'Quilt, Felt and Stitch' by Jane Marrows

3rd February 2016   -     Workshop TBA

2nd March              -    'Just These Treads A personal Journey' by Jan Garside

6th April                 -    'Awe and Wonder' by Marion Annis

4th May                  -    'Crafts On A Cruise' by Kate Asquith

1st June                 -    'Cotton To Concrete And Beyond' by Louise West

6th July                  -     Summer Social and Annual Competition 

7th September        -     'Sculptural Felt Making' by Rachel Morley