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Oundle Branch has had to cease meeting as from August, 2014 mainly due to a lack of venue, but also a leader.    

It is hoped that, at some time in the future, it might be able to be re-started if a suitable venue and a keen and enthusiastic person was found to take the lead.

Some funds would be available to help with costs.

If anyone feels they might be able to help re-start this Branch, please contact:
Pam Keeling, or
Regional Chairman, Ann Pocklington,

The Branch, small as it was, had many skillfull and dedicated embroiderers, who have been working on group projects for the town.  Their past two group projects "Tea cups and cup cakes", and "Into the garden" by Klimpt can be seen in one of Oundle's coffee shops Smiths at No. 4

The current project is entitled "Oundle 2013" and consists of several panels which are being worked on individually by members (the market place panel is the joint work of two members) and these will be joined into one piece for hanging. 
This will also be on display at Smiths at No.4.
Oundle Embroiderers Guild project, 
central panel, Oundle market

Images include the market place, including a Christmas scene, the church, the main inn, schools and school badges, shops, countryside scenes featuring the river, the mill, the wildlife and the country park. 
We are still working on it despite it now being 2014! It has been a challenge but our members have risen to it and have displayed an excellent range of embroidery skills and styles. 
We were presented with blank fabric and have had to create our work from scratch, drawing, designing and dithering over which stitches to use, with much discussion too.

These panels are currently being stretched and mounted. Lorraine Swift drew the market place scene, Christine embroidered the buildings and Lorraine did the stump work.
Indigo Dyeing Day - 2011
Our summer meeting was very messy in 2011 
but we all had our marigolds on, as you can see!