Programme 12/13

January 19th   2013              
Anna Doswell                 The History and Making of Corsets and Stays

 Exhibition table : Cushions

February 16th                            Clare Gage                      Textile Inspired Ceramics
                        A talk by award winning ceramicist, Clare Gage, about her unique textile inspired ceramics. 
                        Clare will discuss her techniques and successes so far.
 Exhibition table : Dyed or painted backgrounds
March 16th                                 Jean Baggott                   The Girl on the Wall

                           How the girl came to be on the wall. How she became the catalyst in the creation of the
                           needlework which depicts social and world history covering the period 1940-2006.
 Exhibition table : Goldwork or Gold fabrics & embellishments

April 20th                       Sally Ward                       William Whiteley & Sons, makers of scissors
 Exhibition table : Work including weaving

May 18th                        Festival of Stitch (Regional Day), The Becket School, Wilford Lane, West Bridgford
                                        For branch members the tickets are covered by the guild.

                                        There are specialist traders for all of those “must haves”
                                        Hillary Hollingsworth speaking on Darned Obsession
                                        Make Do and Mend themed competition 

                                        For more information click on the Regional Day Tab  

June 15th                      Nicola Jarvis                     Birds, beasts, men and fishes

                        Exploring exemplars of Raised Work embroidery from key museum collections
                        around the world.
Exhibition table : Tree inspired work

July 12th-14th               East Midland’s Region Summer School
                                        Venue: Scalford Hall, Melton Mowbray
                                        Tutors: Jacqui Carey (Elizabethan Stitches), Yvonne Brown (Melting and Burning) 
                                        & Liz Welch (Modelled on the past) 

                                        For more information click on the summer school tab

July 20th                        Members’ Day, 

                       The Ruddington Framework Museum 
                       Free to members. 

August 18th                   No Meeting                                  

September 21st             AGM
                         Victoria Brown                 Losing Lace

                    A project celebrating the local lace industry, through a collection of lace and the creation
                    of contemporary canvases using oils and gold leaf inspired by old lace.
Exhibition table : Architecture inspired work

October 19th                                                  Kate Aimson

                     talk with textile samples to show the influences on Kate’s work and its development.

 Exhibition table : Work including applique

November 16th                           
             Xmas Lunch  

                                 An illustrated talk on Greta’s travels and research work on elephant dress in India.

Exhibition table : Landscape inspired work 

December 15th    2013           No Meeting