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Kickstart 2019/20 - and 2020/21

'Literature: Authors and Poets of the Region'   - Having completed all the Workshops for this Theme, Members were hoping to be able to display their work in 2020 but with all the problems and restrictions relating to the Corona Virus Pandemic we have had to cancel them all for this year.

It has been decided to continue with this Theme for 2020/21 in the hope we are able to collect the completed pieces at Regional Day 2021 and display them at one or more of the Galleries as we had planned for this year.

If you have already completed a piece, please do let Deborah know by returning the Entry Form to her.

If you would still like to take part and complete a piece there is still plenty of time and the Booklet is still available by request from:  or down from here.

Unfortunately we won't be able to run any more Tutor led Workshops for this Theme, but there are plenty of starting points in the Booklet and tutor Alysn Midgelow Marsden has kindly allowed us access to her notes from her workshop.

To take part in the Self-Led Development route to the theme, you will be asked to pay a ‘Registration Charge’ of £10.00 and a booklet will be forwarded to you. Registration will enable you to display your work in our exhibitions in 2021 at Kettering; Allestree, Derby; Worksop and at the John Clare Museum; and others we might be able to book.

For a Registration form, download from here

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