What is Kickstart

A little further explanation as to what our “Kickstart” 

The East Midlands Region of the Embroiderers Guild created the Kickstart programme 13 years ago to answer the Guilds aims in education and promotion of Embroidery.

It was devised to encourage those members who wished, to develop their work to a deeper level than perhaps a Day Workshop might have to offer, as well as the opportunity of having their work hung in an exhibition.

Our Kickstart year starts and ends at Regional Day, with our Exhibition being held as soon as we can in the months over the summer period afterwards. Although work for the Exhibition is mainly delivered to us at Regional Day - we do not have sufficient time or space to put on it all on display there.

Kickstart Windows on the Weather

We have had a different theme each year - this has ranged from National Trust venues, Gardens and visits to various Museums for inspiration; to themes where travel is not so important and members have been able to research the subject closer to home. Graffiti - Chocolate - Archive and Flowers being some of the previous themes.

The booklet we now produce to go alongside the theme is currently produced by regional committee members and is intended to help members start the design process with suggestions and guidance as to where inspiration might be found, this includes websites, artists who have also looked at the theme for their inspiration, writings which might inspire, poems and even a few illustrations showing artists interpretations. 

The booklet also lists the Tutors and their Workshops for the current year and directions to the chosen Workshop venues. We try to select venues in roughly north, south, east and western areas of the Region to make it easier for members to travel to the Workshops. We also try to match up our Tutors with the Theme and again, these will vary from year to year.

For members to have their work included in the Exhibition, all we ask is that they attend just one of the Workshops for that year. You may attend more than one, of course. All workshops run from 10.00am to 4.00pm. Refreshments are provided throughout the day but not lunch. It is our policy to hang all entries received into the Kickstart Exhibition.

The cost of each workshop is currently £35.00. This covers the cost of the venue and tutor. Any surplus goes towards the exhibition venue hire and the display team’s travel expenses, though generally we just about break even with this.

Further and fuller details of these Workshops are to be found in the current booklet which is now available as a hardcopy to buy for £5.00 from Deborah - or they may be viewed and/or downloaded at the bottom of the Kickstart Exhibition page. Buying a booklet does not commit you to taking part but does support the running of Kickstart and its Exhibition.

For those who cannot attend workshops but would like to see their work exhibited our Members Exhibition was very well received in Worksop and not only looked good but showed the great variety of work members produce within the Region. We do intend to hold another as requested by our survey.