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Annual General Meeting - Pam Keeling

This is a requirement of all organisations; to give a Report on all the activities of the year, including the Financial Report and Balance Sheet, to all members of that organisation in order that it can be seen that the Committee is running that organisation to the best of it’s ability and for it’s members. Many years ago it was only the Members of the Guild who were eligible to attend, and this was often the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, which has perpetuated the rumour that it is only these Officers who may now attend. However, now all Branch Members are Guild Members, the AGM is open to anyone who is a Branch, Individual or Life Member of the Guild. You do not need an invite, and it is free to all who choose to come.We hold this meeting on the last Sunday in September annually (28th September, 2014). Generally the AGM is held in the morning and in the afternoon we try to arrange a focus on a particular aspect of the Guild - Treasurer’s job, organising Branch events, National events etc. However, for this year -2014 - we are going to hold the AGM in the afternoon and the other activities in the morning. To be explained with AGM documents, sent out towards the end of August.

When was the last time you came to our Regional AGM at Ruddington?

2012 and/or 20112913%
2010 and/or 2009105%
before 2009125%