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Kickstart – Workshops and Exhibition Summary - Deborah Phillpott

Overwhelmingly the survey responses said that many people had never taken part in Kickstart and most stated that lack of time was the main factor for this. Those who didn’t want to or hadn’t time to attend Kickstart workshops but would have liked to exhibit their work can now send work to be shown in our Members’ Exhibition which will be held in the Autumn at Worksop, Notts. Although this was voted as best to take place every 2/3 years the Committee would like to see if there is sufficient interest to do this annually. For this to become an Annual Regional Exhibition we would need new volunteers, to arrange venue, entry forms, storage of pieces, labels etc.

The next highest negative response was that they didn’t know enough about the Kickstart Programme. The Committee aim to promote the Kickstart programme with a ‘starter’ explanation for branches to give out to members.

Survey responses to Venues of the workshops were discussed. A majority of people wished for a venue closer to their branch and wondered if a branch could run their own workshops if branches wished to devote a workshop day to the theme. Committee agreed that this was possible, as long as it is run on the same lines i.e. cost to participant; attendees’ names to be submitted to exhibition officer; any profit after deducting the cost of speaker and venue hire is to be forward to the region (required to offset exhibition costs). Branches would need to look closely at timing on their programme, due to the May launch date.

Responses to the time of year members would like Kickstart workshops to take place highlighted autumn and winter months, closely followed by no preference. Committee discussed this and other ways of collecting finished items, but could not find more convenient months or routes than collection at Regional Day.

Those who had taken part in Kickstart had, in the most, enjoyed the experience and had taken part in two or more.

Which Kickstart Workshops and/or Exhibitions have/will you participate in?

Calke Abbey 200392%
Brixworth Country Park 2004103%
Southwell Workhouse 2005175%
Museum of Lincolnshire Life 2006103%
Barnsdale Gardens 2007123%
Snibston 2008216%
Canals 2009226%
Grafitti 2010359%
Chocolate 2011298%
Muscle Movement and Metabolism 2012144%
Archive 2013288%
Flowers 20144412%
I have never participated in Kickstart12133%