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Regional Committee

Region and Regional Committee - Pam Keeling

Having been with the Region when it was Central East and covered about twice as much as it does today, I feel we are quite a compact Region compared to many of the others. We are fortunate that we have a very good north to south road system - M1 - and whilst east to west is not as good - there are still many good roads making travel comparatively easy. Admittedly Public Transport is not as easy and convenient as a car but generally here in the East Midlands we are quite well served; though it might well take longer and carrying workshop needs around is not for the faint-hearted.

By definition of it’s name - the Region is organising events for all it’s members within the Region and finding suitable venues to serve all Branches is not easy - but it is something the Regional Committee give great consideration to.

Each member of the Regional Committee tends to have the responsibility for one aspect of the events we organise. Regional Day sub committee has 5 members; Kickstart has 3; Summer School - 2;  the Regional Treasurer is indeed a treasure and still operates willingly on her own, we are aware she has more than covered her term of office but no one seems to be willing to follow her. The Newsletter has been put together mainly by one person willingly for the past 2 years. The AGM is covered by all. We attend 4 Regional Committee Meetings a year with meetings lasting between 2 and 6 hours - depending on the discussions involved. Each sub-committee sends a Report prior to these meetings. The amount of time spent by each Committee Member varies at different times of the year.

We are always on the look out for willing volunteers to help with our organising and it is great when new committee members can overlap and learn from their predecessor. Committee Members do give their time freely but may charge for travel and necessary expenses. With the use of emails, communication within the Committee is now much easier and more frequent.