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Regional Day and Competition

Regional Day - Barbara Meeke

Location and time of year
The majority (38%) of respondents favoured Nottinghamshire so we will continue to use The Becket School, West Bridgford.

The majority (68%) of respondents favoured May so we will continue to hold Regional day in May.

The reason for having a permanent location is as a result of the previous problem of not having a branch volunteer to organise Regional Day on behalf of the Region, therefore the Regional Committee set up a small sub-group to undertake this role.

In order to revert to the previous system of branches organising the event on behalf of the Region would need a firm commitment from four or five branches to ensure Regional Day continuing for the next five years. This is made difficult by the changes in committee and branch members.

Timetable for the Day
The sub-group has already altered the timetable for the day to reduce the lunch break and we have asked the school to look at moving the provision of blinds further up their priority list.

There may be scope for a second presentation in the morning, something relevant to the Region as a whole and we will consider this.

Demonstrations and Mini-Workshops
We will look at the possibility of providing Demonstrations and/or Mini workshops but these may incur additional costs for the hire of more accommodation.

Branch Displays
There were a number of requests for Branches to exhibit or display work, we will continue pursue this, however, last year when branches were asked only one branch accepted our offer of space.

Guild Collection
Unfortunately the Guild Collection is not available for display on a single day as this presents a punishing workload for headquarters volunteers/staff. However the collection will continue to move around the country. We have been lucky to have items from the collection and the postcards on display in Grantham earlier this year.

The Guild has produced a presentation ‘The Story of The Collection’ and several members have received training to enable them to present this to branches as a ‘free’ meeting, the only cost will be travelling expenses. This will be launched shortly.

Members’ Competition Sponsored by Coats Anchor UK
The number of entries for the member’s competition has increased dramatically in the last 2 years and we hope to continue this trend which we believe is a result of the detailed inspiration material made available to all members.

We have considered the inclusion of a novices’/beginners’ class but feel that this would be very difficult to define. The committee believe that prizes have been awarded across the skill spectrum. A branch entry has been introduced and this could be a way of encouraging first timers and the less confident to enter.

Madeira Lecture
The subject material for Madeira Lecture is generally a matter of personal preference. The quality of presentation was an issue this year, the delivery style was hesitant, however, we do try to get independent advice on speakers presentation skills

What is your preferred month for Regional Days in the future?


Bearing in mind the geography of the East Midlands Region where would you consider to be a suitable location for Regional Day?

Prefer to have in different county every year6631%

How did you travel to Regional day 2014?

Car on my own3016%
Car shared5528%
Car - full63%
Coach/minibus from Branch2010%
Private jet00%
I did not go to Regional day in 20148041%