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Summer School

Summer School - Diana Turner

Whilst many have indicated that the cost of Summer School is too high - we are still managing to fill the majority of our places annually at our new venue with higher costs. It is now virtually impossible to find good quality accommodation, with a good standard of food and the required rooming needs for the workshops cheaply. Our costings for Summer School are done very tightly with under booking by 1 or 2 members giving us a loss. Anyone having knowledge of a good cheap venue with all the necessary requirements, please let the Regional Committee know.

Many mentioned Day Schools in Spring and/or Autumn - again these would have to be in a venue accessible to several Branches in order for the Region to run them. This is something we are currently looking into, but it would need someone else to organise and run them as the Committee Members organising Summer School could not take this on as well. 

We did attempt an Autumn Break in 2008, but it wasn’t well supported.

The suggestions for further Workshops - either Summer School or as Dayschools, were vast and varied and I’m sure we will be keeping at hand for future reference.