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Regional Day Competition 2020

Dear Members, 
We have been asked to clarify the criteria for the judging of the Regional Day Members’ Competition. This competition is traditionally judged by the Speaker of the Day and the Representative from HQ, with the Regional Chair overseeing the process.
No criteria has ever been set down for this Competition other than a response to the title given. The amount of ‘embroidery’ within a piece and what that ‘embroidery’ is has always been up to a member’s interpretation.
Contemporary textile art now covers a vast range of techniques and is not necessarily all stitchery. Good design and visual impact also have to be taken into account.

To involve members more it has been decided by the Regional Committee to revise the three prizes awarded to:

                                                 First.  Highly Commended.  Members’ Choice. 

Regional Day Competition 2020
set by Michael Brennan-Wood

I can assure you that when we booked Michael Brennand-Wood early last year to give us his talk on this subject and we set the Regional Day Competition with the same title, no one knew or had any idea just how relevant this would be.

In the circumstances and following advice we are having to cancel Regional Day this year,   BUT  -  we don’t need to cancel the Competition.   

We can do it all on-line!!

SEE HOW AT:         "Pretty Deadly"

Michael believes that the most innovative contemporary textiles emanate from an assured understanding of both textile technique and history.

Pretty Deadly is used as a concept to engage the viewer in ideas that might initially appear colourful or attractive but contain a deeper darker context - think Venus Fly Trap  -  and gives several different angles to interpret.

For this competition, there is a chance to explore different ideas, experiment with stitches, materials and assorted threads and have fun.   Inspiration can come from so many sources, such as the natural world (Deadly Nightshade, Portuguese Man of War, Rainbow Frog) and history (female assassins Mata Hari and Charlotte Corday).  Even a disaster such as tsunami or an inferno can have an attractive element.

Please just have a go!

Erica Thomson,
15 Jan 2018, 08:45
Erica Thomson,
19 Jun 2017, 03:31