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Leah Stuart's Hungry Hector Embroidery Exhibition, Nuneaton 30th Mar-26th May

posted 17 Mar 2019, 01:38 by Erica Thomson
Leah is a member of NECTA (Nottinghamshire Branch).

Leah says -  "Having recently returned from a holiday in the Baltics, I realized most of my sketches and photographs were of what the Scandinavians might consider less significant "tourist" attractions.  I wondered what would happen if I returned to my home town of Nuneaton with the fresh eyes of a visitor.

I focused on the architectural details of the town's centre, how the people use it and where possible I incorporated it's history.  A lot of my work is a response to patterns that I notice around me; patterns of vertical and horizontal lines and colours.  I am also affected by events and situations which appeal to my sense of humour.

The medium I use is a mixture of acrylic paint, felting wool, fabric pen and crayon but predominantly sewing thread on cotton fabric."