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National Celebration of Stitch 2018

Please keep your regional committee informed. 

They will need




Full address of venue including post code

Type of activity

Contact (this will go out to the press so please ensure that the person has agreed)

A poster is available from your branch chair/committee or from the national guild website to use to advertise your event and customise as you require.  

We have the opportunity to utilise the website/ publicity facility of the Guild to help us market this event but this is only be possible if there are 100+ participating branches.

Do not underestimate publicity We will be sending out a press release which can be followed up by contacting local papers. If they do not turn up to your event, consider writing your own report and sending it to them together with photos. They are often looking for “Fillers” in August. Local radio and Local business web sites often have a “What’s on” section. They like helping Charities. Don't forget your local Mayor or MP and invite them to pop along to your event. (They want the publicity too)

Following on from the success of previous years the Council of Regional Chairman have decided to build further on this and have agreed to designate Saturday 4th August  2018 as The National Celebration of Stitch. They would like branches to mark this day, or one near to it, by persuading their members to go out and meet the public. 

The theme for 2018 is Hearts to coincide with the 100 Hearts project.  If at all possible please theme your event. 

It might be possible to give out theme packs for some people might not want to do participate immediately, so do not try to be too organised as many people find talking to someone behind a table intimidating.  It might not be possible to arrange to do anything on the Saturday due to circumstances. Please do not let the momentum go by, consider choosing another day or attaching it to another event

Last year many branches arranged some successful events, let's build on this.

Emblazon it across your web site or Blog not a few small words on the dairy page. 

If where you are holding your event has a web site ask for your event to be included.

Remember to add your event on the Guild's web. You can do this by logging into you branch and filling in the section “Add an Event” under branch events. 

Please do not underestimate the social media. Many regions, branches and members have facebook and Twitter accounts also invitations to a prominent people can often bring their own publicity especially if you can harness a celebrity with their own twitter following.