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Hello and welcome to the the East Midlands Young Embroiderers.

Young Embroiderers is open to boys and girls who are interested in textile art between the ages of 5yrs to 18yrs. 
There are currently three branches that run embroiderers groups in our region. 
Derbyshire, Lincoln and recently Grantham, but we are hoping more groups will start up in our region.

Each group has their own personality. Some run monthly, some run just in the holidays, all are fun and inspirational giving children an opportunity to explore creativity with textiles and stitch, an opportunity that is sadly missing from most children's lives at the moment. 

The National Chairman of Young Embroiderers is Muriel Campbell.

For more information about Young Embroiderers' -
Mixed media Birdhouses
Fabric Bird Houses

"Babewynn" animal from theLutteral Psalter,
Young people enjoying the Drop-in Stitch Workshop at Snibston Discovery Park, Coalville, Leics. on Thursday, 30th May, 2013. 

Young people were making labels 
inspired by examples below.               

Erica Thomson,
5 Feb 2012, 13:17