Branch Projects and Newsletters

DE&TGRP Newsletter 12 - DECEMBER 2021 s.pdf

As a Branch we enjoy working on Projects throughout the year.


Eve says ‘I thought it would be nice to have a mini project to work on and am hoping that even people who can’t join the Zoom will do the project. The theme is the links we have with one another in the branch even through Covid times.’

Think: Interlinked Circles

Each circle represents a link in our branch chain and will be done by one of our members.

I have chosen to just stitch flowers with lots of lazy daisy and french knots. I stitched my piece on linen but you can use any fabric you like.

Also please use any method of embellishment you like.

Sew ribbons inside your circle or bead it up, felt it or appliqué or machine embroidery: any kind of decoration you like.

Once my circle of flowers was embroidered I ironed a circle of pelmet vilene on the back to give it some stiffness and then I backed it with a fabric. On the whole this won’t be seen but it keeps the circle neat.

The important thing is the hole in the middle. Without the hole I won’t be able to link all the circles together (see Pam’s picture)

The circles will be the same size roughly 5.5” across and 1.5” inches deep with a 2.5” hole in the middle. I used an 8” hoop to sew my circle

I thought it would be a nice idea to sew these circles at the Zoom meeting. If you have something else you wish to work on though it’s not compulsory. Eve Cook

Here are the Circles we've made


The circles are so beautiful and so much fun to see in their infinite variety, cannot wait till we are able to put things on display again as I am sure they will attract much interest and praise.

Whilst some people are busy stitching thank you medals it may be the time to introduce a new branch project.

The title is “Spring is Sprung“ and we hope to encourage members to make 3D flowers.

Following the speaker at our next meeting we are going to demonstrate a few ideas that will be quite simple but effective when made.

We hope that people will try out a few of the ideas, add some of their own and share the photos in the newsletter to inspire and enthuse others.

By the time we are able to meet in the hall again we should have quite a few flowers to dot around the room. In the meantime they can cheer us all up and remind us that both spring and summer are in their way. Watch out for photos and ideas in the next newsletter.


Here is the diagram for the Daffodils, curtesy of Pam