Chair's Challenge Hospital Heroes Competition 2020

The winner by Julie Tanner

Here are all the other wonderful entries from our talented group

Julia wrote the following to accompany her picture (above) of Mount Edith Cavell.

My Hospital Hero is Edith Cavell In 2019 I was fortunate enough to stand and look up to a mountain named after her. My daughter lives in Calgary Alberta and took me there - Mount Edith Cavell is in the Canadian Rockies in Jasper National Park.It was named in honour of Edith Cavell (1865-1915) of Norwich,England. During the First World War she was Matron of the Surgical Institute of Brussels and when Brussels fell to the advancing Germans this ‘Angel of Mercy’ refused to leave her post, she chose instead to care for those in her care and assist many Allied soldiers escape. On October 12th 1915 she was executed at dawn and became a symbol of courage and dedication to the British people. In 1920 in London a statue of her was unveiled with four words engraved to describe her: Humanity, Fortitude, Devotion and Sacrifice.

During the corona virus pandemic 2020/2021 our nurses and all NHS staff can be described by those four words too.