Previous Speakers 2020/21

14 November

PAM KEELING will be running a Zoom Stitch Workshop.

Instructions and materials will be sent at a later date. (Pam says that you will have all you will

need to join this workshop without needing to go shopping!)

12 December.

RUTH SINGER will be giving a Zoom talk on “Hidden Histories”

This talk will delve into the background to Ruth’s professional practice and explore her

work over the last 5 years including a number of solo exhibitions. Ruth will share the stories behind projects, artist residencies, museum research, personal and emotional experiences which shape the work she creates.

Ruth Singer is an artist-maker with a background working in the museum sector. She is fascinated

by material culture, history and the power of objects in human lives. Her work aims to explore and

illuminate human experience, our understanding of heritage and the traces and stories we leave

behind. Her work has a distinctive feel of preciousness and delicacy of touch created by the

combination of hand stitch, fragile fabrics and emotive subject matter. She produces exhibitions,

community projects and books and works as a consultant and mentor.

For information on Ruth and images of her work please go to:

January 9th

KAREN NICOL. ‘24/7 Stitch.’

Karen is a London based mixed media and embroidery based textile

designer/artist working in fashion, interiors and gallery.

This talk will be about embroidery as a profession, the amazing breadth

and diversity of our fantastic medium and the magic of her ancient Irish

embroidery machine.


JENNIFER COLLIER. ‘The Art of Paper and Stitch.’

Paper pioneer Jennifer creates exquisite sculptures from vintage recycled materials in conjunction with stitch; a contemporary twist on

traditional textiles. Through this marriage of unlikely materials old papers are transformed into something unique ,delicate and complex.

March 13th

ANN BROOKES. 'From sketch book to stitch’

Anne Brookes HanneMade From Sketchbook to stitch. Anne is an artist and teacher living in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. She creates a range of bespoke artwork for both us and our homes. Her work is a variety of mixed media, hand and machine stitch, collage and print. Stitching has been a major part of her everyday life for the last ten years. In 2020 Anne started the #sew4sew challenge followed up this year by the #52tagshannemade challenge on youtube. These challenges are not for a particular end purpose but rather to stitch for the love and enjoyment of it and the journey it can take you on.

April 10th

JESSICA GRADY. 'Journey into the unconventional'

A talk discussing her textiles career in both art textiles and commercial print and embroidery design. Alongside her contemporary methods of creating embellishments using recycled and waste materials.

Her textiles showcase meticulous hand stitching and intricate detailing and are a visual feast, saturating the senses with colour and pattern. This juxtaposition of unusual media with traditional techniques creates a curiosity in her work.

May 8th

JENNY O'LEARY. 'Landscape Batik and Lockdown''

Jenny O’Leary is an artist and tutor living in Shropshire. Her specialism is batik - hot wax resist, which she uses on tissue paper, and occasionally on cloth and paper too. Her inspiration comes from her local landscape, and this has been particularly true during lockdown when she has produced many pieces of work and sketchbooks to record her daily walks and occasional drives out in the local area. Jenny uses other forms of resist in her work and also uses stitch to add an extra drawn element to her work.

June 12th

HELEN HALLOWS 'A Colourful Life'

A look back at Helens 20 years from travelling textile graduate to established landscape artist. The journey has seen Helen create a diverse collection of textiles and artworks, continually challenging herself and exploring new directions in her creative work. Be inspired by the colour and ideas in Helens portfolio and hear how she keeps her creativity flowing.

July 10th

EMILY NOTMAN. My journey with stitch from then till now.

Emily works from her studio in Loughborough. She mixes contemporary mixed media with traditional embroidery to create

her own work.

Emily works from her studio in Loughborough. She mixes contemporary mixed media with traditional embroidery to create her own work.