About Us

The East Midlands is one of 11 Regions in the Embroiderers' Guild, whose head office is Embroiderers' Guild House, 1 King's Road, Walton on Thames, Surrey, KT12 2RA.  

The East Midlands covers Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire and our 17 Branches can easily be found on our map.

Our activities are organised by a Regional Committee, whose members come from any of the Branches.  Volunteers are most welcome.

Our regular activities are:

Young Embroiderers

The role of Head Office is to support the branches and regions.  The activities at head office fall into a number of categories:

Library:  a large collection of rare and modern books on all aspects of embroidery; also available for member's research.

Research:  a number of expert volunteers who are pleased to answer technical questions from members and non-members.

City & Guilds:  Level 1 courses in both Hand and Machine Embroidery are available to members in some regions and branches. 
Scholarships and Prizes:  An annual Members' Challenge is open to members; as are two Scholarships - one for those under 30 and one for those over 30;  the de Denne Young Embroiderers' Prize is awarded annually.   Annually the Guild also supports several graduates, who work with the Guild, provide workshops and lectures for Guild members.

Folios:  A display board with samples of work illustration a particular embroidery technique.  Many are currently being updated.

Stitching a welcome to the Athletes of the World Postcard Project:  Each Branch has been alocated one of the many countries taking part in the 2012 Olympic Games, and illustrated any aspect of that country in fabric and thread.  The resulting work is going on display at various venues around the country.

More background information about the running and organisation of the Embroiderers' Guild on the National website.