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National Embroiderers' Guild are on Facebook (2993 likes as of Mar 17)(5059 as of Sep 18)

This message was posted by National on their FB page on 19th May 2017
Everyone! If you are a member and you would like to advertise an event, lecture or get together of your local branch on the official Embroiderers Guild Facebook page - you can do one of the following things: 1) You can post to your OWN Facebook page and tag the Embroiderers' Guild - UK page in the posting. 2) You can private message me on here. 3) You can email the details to any members of staff of the guild on their official email addresses. 4) Or you can call with all the details! Please make sure any images sent are high quality and in focus whenever possible! And we shall do our best to get as many on as we can! THANKS

(of 17) of our branches in the East Midlands region have a Facebook page. There is also a page for Summer School here.
If your Branch is thinking of having a FB page, see information here about the different types of Facebook pages. This document was written in 2015 however should give you a good idea. If you have any further information, please let us know via our Contact us page.

A 'Page'

Ashbourne Branch 63 likes as of Mar 17 (joined Nov 14)(103 as of Sep 18)


Boston Branch 24 likes (joined Jan 17)(65 as of Sep 18)


Chesterfield Branch - 123 likes as of Mar 17 (Joined Oct 14)(161 as of Sep 18)


Derbyshire Branch - 48 likes as of Mar 17 (joined Apr 16)(123 as of Sep 18)


North Notts Creative Textile Group Retford - 83 likes as of Mar 17 (joined Nov 13)

(not available Sep 18) https://www.facebook.com/NorthNottsCreativeTextileGroupRetford?fref=ts

Nottinghamshire Branch - 12 likes as of Mar 17 (Joined Dec 15)(29 as of Sep 18)

Rutland and Stamford Branch - 34 likes as of Mar 17 (joined Aug 15)(108 as of Sep 18)


A 'Public Group'

Layers of Stitch - Grantham - 50 members as of Mar 17 (Joined May 16) (70 as of Sep 18)


West Bridgford - 43 members as of Mar 17 (Joined Sep 14) (58 as of Sep 18)